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  • Hello my dear my name is

    Miss leylo Sheikh
    i saw your profile and
    i become interested in
    knowing more about you
    please you can contact
    me through my email
    address i have
    something important
    to discus with you thanks
    [email protected]
    Kieran, where are you? I hope all is well. We need you around these parts!
    I'm Marco, Kieran. :) And France winning that match....a travesty, it really was.That Ref should be suspended for life.That game made the news all over europe...

    Anyhow, I like you, mate :)

    Take care
    you should post about the things you've seen like skinwalker ranch. i think most would be interested
    Hi thanks for the friend request. You obviously like the show but these here forums are of great importance also. I have to agree that the Paracast truly is the best show of it's kind out there and I think most folks here would agree.
    It's great to hear from a like minded person and if ever you wanna chat PM me.
    Look forward to seeing you on the boards.


    Mark Wright (dusty)
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