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Mutology Pioneer Tom Adams has died: 1945-2014

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Thomas R. Adams (1945-2015) helped this fledgling investigator/researcher immeasurably from early 1993 through 1999. He sent me hundreds—possibly of thousands of pages of documents to help get me up2speed about the cattle mutilation phenomenon (and other peripheral subjects) in the mid 1990s and spent hundreds of hours with me on the phone.

I last saw him in 1999 —just before he dropped completely out of the field w/ no explanation. Weirdness has ensued ever since and myself and most of his other researcher friends have never spoken with him again. The prevailing theory is that he burnt out and probably became a hard-core Christian, but that's not for certain. What is for certain, is that in 1999, one of the most important figures in the "cattle mutilation" community disappeared off the radar screen for over 15 years. Now word comes (9 months late) that he died, alone in his Paris, TX house. I just was made aware of this sad fact this morning. He died on August 20, 2014 after not showing up for work for a couple of days. (?)

Weirdeness, to-be-sure, but Tom and his work is at the very least, worthy of a Paracast Roundtable Tribute Show. I'm working on making this so...
tom adams.jpg
I love that photo Chris, i really do, its got everything, not the man in particular, even tho i bet he was popular with the ladies.

Its the lighting/shading/reflections, and the era, the beaten-up truck, the heat, its all there, even in black n white, its just so american.