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Paranormal Adept
In one of the Nancy Talbott threads, Gene asked Lance Moody about the state of MUFON. One of Lance's replies:

Changing leadership so rapidly. Losing face on national TV. Picking a guy who sells Mile High Club excursions as their new leader.

It doesn't say "science" to me.


That made me curious, and I had to check out the "Mile High" business. I found some more about it on a blog entry by Billy Cox that I had overlooked:
Elevated exposure for MUFON?

Here's a direct link to book your "Flight of Fancy"
I put this in the "Youth and UFOs" section because of MUFON's seeming inability to attract a new generation of members.

I look back at old MUFON Journals and see the pool of talent they had along with the number of members, and it was truly impressive. How did the present level of decay come about?

If nothing else, MUFON has some value buried in their case files. Steps should be taken to allow those to be used by researchers.
I was a member but that was the last straw for me. MUFON aka (jersey shore aliens) has never understood what they could have been. I always wanted a single polarizing organization who would get off their collective ass, rally both the scientific and armchair communities, analyze the massive amounts of data and start making sense / logical arguments of all of this. MUFON never had a huge following but could have as they had respect (for the most part) but they have always lacked reasonable vision. This is totally due to lack of leadership This field is full of the serious and foolish, honest and liars, and followers. Notice I didn't say leaders, that because I don't see any. Please tell me I have looked in the wrong places, missed the names. The last MUFON leader was so disappointing and the replacement, well judge for yourself, after the casting call of course.
Ok, I'm going to state the obvious and probably piss someone else off.

All truly serious (funded, scientific, not hoax prone) UFO or paranormal investigation occurs outside of the pop culture UFO paranormal community. This is by necessity. Vallee has hinted at this from time to time.
Trained you are absolutly right, however...
Could you imagine if someone was able to harness the intelligence, creativity, the out of the box thinking from the public community? The amount of resource availiable to anyone who would step forward and ask for it is staggering. MUFON never did, and has spun it wheels indefinatly.
Could you imagine if someone was able to harness the intelligence, creativity, the out of the box thinking from the public community?
Good point! I'm amazed at the results when the folks here or at places like ATS work together on something, and how quickly things can happen. More often than not, it's exposing some of the frauds, but that serves a very important function. With the fakes out of the way, resources can be saved investgating promising legitimate leads.