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List of Technical Papers Related to UFOs and Electro Magnetism


Paranormal Adept
I compiled here a list of technical papers related to UFO electromagnetic effects.

Just for those who want to study UFOs on more serious level than just watch documentaries. This selection includes many authors that had professional background and experience in electrical engineering.

by Mark Rodeghier
Introduction: In my opinion this is the most seminal work on UFO interference with car engines. Practically every work that touched this toppic refered back to Rodeghier's paper. Boring as a hell, but absolutely must read.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.Mark Rodeghier - UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference.pdf

by James M. McCampbell
Abstract: Disruption of automobile engines by UFOs is a familiar phenomenon. Less well known are instances where an engine that had been killed comes back to life again when the UFO departs, that is, the engine restarts itself without assistance from the driver. Twenty- seven such cases are summarized. A key observation by a mechanic whose engine had been stopped by a UFO suggests a mechanism by which self-starting might be understood. Should a non-firing engine come to rest with one cylinder past top-dead-center, it would entrap a suitable mixture of fuel and air to be ignited by the next arriving spark thereby cranking the engine. Such an event might result from collapse of a gaseous discharge across open breaker points in the distributor. If the discharge had been sustained by ionization of the atmospheric gases caused by the UFO, it would collapse shortly after departure of the UFO.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.James McCampbell - UFO Interference With Vehicles Engines.pdf

by James McCampbell
Abstract: A summary of the present paper was given at a UFO symposium in 1986 entitled Bridging The Gap. Sponsored by the Mutual UFO Network, it was held on October 11–12 at the Tuolumne County Fairgrounds, Sonora, California. Available time allowed only a discussion of the thesis, essential UFO sightings, major technical points, and the conclusions. Similar abbreviated material was covered at the 24th Annual National UFO Conference, UFOs Over America: 40 Years And Counting, at the Burbank Hilton Hotel, Burbank, California, June 12–14, 1987. The full text as reproduced here was first published in UFOs 1947-1987, The 40-Year Search For An Explanation. Hilary Evans with John Spencer, Editors for the British UFO Research Association, Fortean Times, London, 1987. Ó 1987 McCampbell.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.James McCampbell - Effects of UFOs Upon People.pdf

by A. Meessen
Abstract: We have shown why the propulsion of Unconventional Flying Objects of unknown origin can result from very intense low-frequency magnetic ¯elds and an adequately pulsed ion-ization of the ambient medium. We also found how these ¯elds could be produced, if the surface of these objects were superconducting. Now, we present evidence of the existence of these ¯elds. It results from traces left on the ground by induced currents, rotating compass needles, direct magnetometer recordings and very remarkable magneto-optical e®ects. They provide even proof of the required pulsed ionization.

This work is particularly valuable because it contains (pg. 2) rarely published graphs from Ray Stanford's instrumental data recordings (magnetometer and simultaneous gravimeter) collected back in 1978 from the edges of the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.Meessen - Evidence_Strong_LF_Magnetic_Fields.pdf

by Dr Bruce Maccabee,
MUFON's Maryland Director writes: Regarding your comments on UFO propulsion. "The phenomenon associated with the presence of a UFOs can be accounted for within the following scientific parameters: The craft emit Electromagnetic radiation measured isotropically that is in all directions of approximately one megawatt, that is a million watts." Bruce states, "This number must be considered a complete guess. The only real data we have (here I ignore any possible data the "control group"-- should there be one -- might have; I refer only to "open literature data") is that, at least in some cases, UFOs radiate visible light in the hundreds of KW to MW range. However, the visible spectrum is only part of it. A photo taken by Ed Walters in the presence of witnesses in Pensacola, Florida on March 12, 1991, using infrared film indicates that there could be many (ten? hundred?) more times in the infrared (see UFOs ARE REAL, HERE'S THE PROOF, Avon, pg. 177). And there are numerous other wavelengths as well. Hence "one megawatt" MIGHT be an underestimate in some cases.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.MUFON.Bruce Maccabbee Dr - On UFO Electromagnetic Propulsion.pdf

by Joe Kirk Thomas
In a recent issue of the MUFON Journal (November 1983) Jim McCampbell advanced theory to explain the heating of finger righs and watch bands in CEII cases. The crux of his thoery is that microwaves emitted by a UFO have a wavelengths cmparable to standard ring diameters. Ins such cases, the rings are "tuned" to the microwave frequency and efficiently draw energy from the field. This energy is converted to heat and causes a rise in ring temperature sufficient to cause discomfort or even first degree burns.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.MUFON.James McCampbell_Joe Kirk Thomas_An Alternative to Microwave Theory of Hot (finger) Ring Syndrome .pdf

by Bruce Maccabee Dr
Abstract - Following the brief sighting of an unidentified flying object in Gulf Breeze, Florida in Septemrber 1992, investigators made an area search using a fluxgate gradient magnetometer and found a strong magnetic field gradient, indicative of a strong source of magnetic field, which appeared to be at a or above the tops of some trees near a small pond. Three circles of depressed grass were found in the bottom of the shallow pond.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.MUFON.Bruce Maccabee Dr - UFO Magnetism Traces in Florida.pdf

by Donald Johnson
Abstract: Some reports of UFO sightings involve events in which motorized land vehicles experience ignition or electrical system interference in the presence of a UFO; 276 such reports were collected from the UFO literature. These events were analyzed to determine the role played by position of UFO and distance from UFO to vehicle in the severity of the reported electrical system interference. highly significant relationship (p .001) was found between position of UFO and severity of effect. substantial majority of the cases experiencing complete engine failures (stalls) occurred when the UFO was reported either directly in front of or above the witness' vehicle. A significant inverse relationship (p .03) was found between reported distance from the UFO and severity of effect. significant interaction between position and distance was discovered (p .04). UFOs appearing in front of or above the witness' vehicle were reported as being closer than those observed behind or off to one side. It was hypothesized that this interaction may be responsible for the correlation between position and severity of effect. Constructing a multidimensional contingency model to test for relative effects was not possible due to incomplete data. It was recommended that investigators of future events make a special effort to obtain distance and position estimates.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pqbs0v0q88bqo8/ufo.paper.phys.EM.NICAP.Donald Johnson - Effects of position & distance in UFO ignition interference cases.pdf?dl=0

Abstract: Since 1947 similar E-M effect have occured in the presence of UFOs in at least the following countries: France, England, Italy, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, venezuela, Canada and Australia. Also in the new states of Hawaii and Alaska. The implication of these repors is that, whatever UFOs may be, they appear to affect electrical cirucits under certain conditions. There is no absolutoe proof, but repeated association of this effect with plainly visibel UFO can leave little doubt that it is a valid to say the UFOs caused the effects. Any other interpretation would imply a chain of coincidences of such magnitude that it would be more incredible than accepting the fact of car-stalling UFOs.
Dropbox - ufo.paper.phys.EM.NICAP_Effects_Associated_With_UFOs-1960.pdf

by Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit
Abstract: The last, but not the least. Special bonus for those who read the whole post all the way to the bottom ;-). You need to watch this video first, where Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit reveals one by one each of US Above The Top Secret Black-Budget programs, like Aurora or secret US faster than sound MHD torpedos:
Jean-Pierre Petit about the secret American MHD technology

After above video gives you enough of intro there is this comic by Dr. Pettit that explains MHD propulsion to novices:
Dropbox - ufo.paper.Dr J.P.Petit.The-MHD-Adventures-The-Silence-Barrier.pdf
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Paranormal Adept

- distances are in Feet -​

Mark Rodeghier's graph above is the crown jewel of this list of papers. You can find it on the page 91 of the "UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference".

This graph was refereed to into at least 3 of the above papers and by Petter Sturrock, Stanford Univ. physics professor in his book "UFO Enigma".

This graph shows 441 cases of care engine stalling (X-axis) vs distance from UFO (Y-axis). Reports span from 1909 to 1981 and come from 7 countries: US, England, France, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Australia.

This is as close as UFO forensics will ever come to a SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT UFOs are here. Why?

This graph closely matches inverse power law. Inverse power defines propagation of all the electro-magnetic fields. How are these 441 witnesses, from 7 countries and 3 continents, who lived from 1909 to 1981 going to agree among themselves which distance is each one going to quote in their testimonies. In other words, witnesses are completely independent from each other.

Because of absolute witness independence and close match with inverse power law this evidence is completely unrefutable.
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Double Nought Spy

May I please go back to the zoo now?
Thanks for posting this. I've been curious about this topic for a long time, and have never seen a list of resources like this. There have been some references to such a collection of scientific analysis as this over the years, but I don't think I've even seen one link. I've thought many times about taking some time to hunt this stuff down but never did start that process.

I have seen some very interesting things in individual encounter reports, like car engines stalling while trucks or other equipment powered by diesel engines kept running. That's mostly from earlier reports though, I think. Most modern diesels rely on electronic systems and would presumably be more likely to be affected by strong magnetic fields or whatever causes the dead engine, dead battery phenomenon. I'm surprised there are few reports of damage done to the vehicles involved. Guess I have some reading to get going on!

This is another area where it's hard to keep your head in the sand. Most of the self-appointed disabusers of us irrational hicks from our superstitions tend to ignore it completely.


Paranormal Adept
Yeah, there is a lot more serious technical investigations of UFOs. Particularly in the old MUFON, NICAP etc. archives. Just follow references to any names mentioned inside the above papers. I practically stopped watching documentaries and am completely focusing on the technical papers and books.

I didn't list here books and e-books that contain carefully done studies by PhDs and Dr's:

Hill, Paul
Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis
(He was McDonalld Douglas Cheif Aerodynamicist, classic book)

Peter A. Sturrock
The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence
(Professor of physics at Stanford University, phenomenal scientific analysis)

Christian Lambright
X Descending
(I only read the part with Ray Stamford's work)

Carl W. Feindt
UFOs and Water: Physical Effects of UFOs On Water Through Accounts By Eyewitnesses

Paul Stonehill, Philip Mantle
Russia's USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters

Leonard George Cramp
UFOs and Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig-Saw: Pt. 1 (Alternative Science): UFOs and Anti-gravity Pt.1
(contains few water cases, good analysis of electrodynamics effects)

Albert Einstein
Unified Field Theory

Williams, Pharis E
The Dynamic Theory - A New View of Space-Time-Matter:

Jefimenko, Oleg D.
Causality Electromagnetic Induction and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields

Paul A. LaViolette
Secrets Of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFO's, and Classified Aerospace Technology

Valone, Thomas
Electrogravitics: No. 2: Validating Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology

Hutchitson Effect
He hadn't done any books but his work 'smells' of GR which is my main focus now. Phase-shifting EM pulsed waves. To myself, at least, gravity 'smells' of being a second order relativistic effect. Second order being accelerated charges. Pulsed phase-shifted e-current wave = accelerated charges. That's at a core of what Hutchitson was experimenting with.
Dropbox - eng.John-Hutchitson.Hutchison File PACE.pdf
Dropbox - eng.John-Hutchitson.John's Scrap Book.pdf
Dropbox - ufo.eng.AMATEUR.EM.Huchitson via Piggotts Effect.pdf

Searl Effect
Again 'smells' of GR like nothing else. In GR rotating magnets create gravitation. Searl was rotating custom made magnets. Importantly they were built of layers of switched magnetic field zones.
Dropbox - ufo.book.John A. Thomas - Story of John Searl.pdf

I arranged books by credibility, in my personal opinion, top to the bottom.

Important point is that each one of the above authors had limitations. Most of them were either too specialized, like aerodynamicist Paul Hill, and reduced the analysis to only their own field of knowledge and just fumbled all else. Or they were restricted by the data they had, like Peter Sturrock the most qualified of all ufologists, but he didn't have access to water cases. Leonard Cramp was a chemist, who was driven to learn electrodynamics to explain UFOs. Cramp did a good job of assembling a long list of very informative cases.

Unfortunately, potentially the most resourceful UFO data in existence, Ray Stamford's work, can only be gleaned from bits and pieces scattered in many of above works.

But when you read all those books and all those papers ;-) than you can get a technical picture big enough that you have an all aspects view of the subject. Only than you can start making constructive conclusions. Peter Sturrock's analysis is by far the nearest to be the most complete. Sturrock excelled in proving that many UFOs use very hot liquid metals as part of their machinery. Molten liquid metals are both excellent for heat transfer in heat pipes (say, from a nuclear reactor) and as very efficient current source as hot cathodes. Strangely enough, hot liquid metals wouldn't mix well with super conductors.

Water cases are the crown jewels of UFO forensics. Normally long range fields (electric, magnetic, gravitational) around UFOs are invisible. But when UFOs are entering or exiting bodies of water, long range fields can be inferred from behavior of the fluid and water spray. Water cases directly lead to conclusion that UFOs are General Relativity machines producing toroidal gravitomagnetic field and that EM is just a side-effect. I guess Sturrock never new about water cases otherwise, he would be able to extrapolate good information from them. He's now 90+ years old.
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Paranormal Adept
In a meantime I found more interesting technical papers. So, the publishing of a new batch of was long overdue. Please find bellow 'zero hype' material, some of which is stuffed with well known elector-dynamics and general relativity equations ;-)

Please note that these are not sorted in any particular order, just the way they came in.

by McDonald Douglas Inc., 1968
An internal summary of physical characteristics for UFOs prepared by some Douglas engineers. During 50's and 60's several large defense contractors, like Boeing, McDonald Douglas, Lockheed Martin, Hughes Aircraft, BAE (GreenGlow) etc. were commissioning studies into possible field propulsion. After few years that trend stopped. There are few articles about history of these projects on Wikipedia.
ufo.paper.phys.McDonald Douglas-Inc - Advanced Vehicle Concepts Research 1968.pdf

by NICAP, 1964
NICAP was civilian non-profit organization that existed from 1956 to 1980's. It had collected data and it had done a number of technical studies of UFOs. Their reports had always source of the most thorough research and they commissioned scientifically qualified researchers.
ufo.paper.phys.EM.NICAP - UFO Evidence 1964.pdf

by Joe Kirk Thomas, 1984
Low frequency magnetic fields keep coming back each time a qualified engineer or scientist does a investigation. Here Kirk-Thomas studies a single case where UFO left significant material evidence of EM effects. Both effects on humans and soil were presented and well connected to ellectrodynamics.
ufo.paper.phys.EM.MUFON.Joe Kirk Thomas - Ruppelt Rings - Effects of Low Frequency Magnetic Fields.pdf

by Meessen, 2012
Dr Massen was a professor of physics at a Catholic University in Belgium. He was one of the principal investigators, commissioned by Belgian government, to look into the evidence collected from military radars on the ground and in the air. Dr Meessen's here exlains action of UFO's on surroundings purely as electro-magnetic effect. Dr. Meessen is analyzing few cases from Karl Fendt's book "UFOs and Water".
ufo.paper.phys.EM.Meessen - Pulsed_EM_Propulsion_UFO.pdf

by Meessen, 2012
Dr Meessen specialty were superconductors. So here he is expanding on his previous work on EM aspects of UFOs by proposing that superconductors are part of the propulsion.
ufo.paper.phys.EM.Meessen - Production of EM Surface Waves by Superconducting Spheres.pdf

by Rober L. Forward, 1962
As said above, several US and UK military contractors were intensively researching field propulsion. Robert Forward worked for Huges Aircraft Corp and he did a frequently quoted study based on the General Relativity. Unlike Alcubiere, Forward is not proposing worp drives, but a toroid made of super-heavy element and spinning around the minor axis, close to the speed of light.
ufo.paper.phys.GR.Robert L.Forward - Guidelines to Antigravity.pdf

by Lindy Tucker, 1994
UFO sounds are a rich picking for physicist. Although most UFO sightings claim that no sound was heard, many close encounters report high pitch sounds, akin to turbines.
ufo.paper.phys.MUFON.Lindy Tucker - Tracing Sound to UFO Encounters.pdf

by James McCampbell, 1976
This book is McCambell's life work and a small masterpiece. Very similar to Paul Hill's Unconventional Flying Objects. Although nowadays mostly ignored, James McCambell was on the pioneers in a scientific study of physical effects produced by UFOs. McCampbell's contribution is particularly important in a study of EM effects on petrol engines. In this book McCampbell introduces a larger spectrum of physical effects, not just electro-magnetic ones.
ufo.paper.phys.EM.James McCampbell - Ufology-I.pdf

by Dr Harold White, 2011
The last moment addition owing to the reference from @Thomas R Morrison. Alcubiere hadn’t bothered to optimize the size and shape of the warp bubble, which Dr. Sonny White has done using computer software. Dr. White’s optimized warp bubble reduces the energy requirement from the mass of Jupiter to the mass of a Volkswagen bug. And this is without the benefit of understanding the mechanism by which mass distorts spacetime.
ufo.paper.phys.GR.Dr Harold White - Warp Field Mechanics 101.pdf

And for completeness another statistical proof. Nuclear physicist, Stanton Freedman had been pointing for a long time to the fact that the initial conclusion of the "Blue Book" study commissioned by US government was that Extra Terestial Hypothesis (ETH) can not be rejected. "Blue Book" study was lead by astronomer prof. Alan Hynek and it found that 21.5% of UFO cases can not be explained by ordinary means. If I understand "statistical" shop-talk correctly: null hypothesis was valid. Unfortunately, message got lost in translation once media and politicians got hold of it.


Full brakedown is here >> on noufors.com site.
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Thomas R Morrison

Paranormal Adept
Here here!
I compiled here a list of technical papers related to UFO electromagnetic effects.
This is magnificent work DROBNJAK - a genuine treasure trove. Thank you for providing this unique collection of resources, many of which I've never encountered before. It's going to take months to work through all of these, but I'll relish every moment of it, and I'm sure that we'll enjoy some marvelous discussions about it all once I've gotten caught up.



Paranormal Adept
Thanks everybody for the likes and support. Please point links from Facebook and other UFO related sites to this thread, so we can attract more scientists and engineers to scientifically based UFO Forensics.

Please feel free to copy this list as well as all the files, so that they are distributed as much as possible all over the internet.


Paranormal Novice
You are quite the researcher in your own rright Drobnjak! Very impressed by your in depth summarization of so many different resources and people. I didn't realize just how much incredible information is out there and from so many years ago too.


Paranormal Adept
Photobucket.com now wants money for hosting embedded images, so I had to move them to flickr.com.

These two graphs are as close to scientific proof that UFOs are here as possible.


study of 448 cases in MUFON's database, by Mark Rodeghier​



Paranormal Adept
Couple of articles i came across today. Apology if they are re-posts.

LIFTER TEST Report by the ARL (US Army Research Lab)

Electrokinetics as a Propellantless Propulsion Source - ScienceDirect

I was looking into the claims in Alien mind a primer.

Many of the alien sources for this book have hinted at the basics of electrogravity. Grays have hinted indirectly and other aliens have described electrogravity in much more detail:

electrogravity is used to manipulate computer data, to achieve faster-than-light deep space travel, and to effect faster-than-light communications.

Some Milky Way aliens and other, hyper-advanced aliens (of yet-unspecified historical duration) have resonated on such themes, hinting, for example, that the larger universal ecology depends on preventing the overuse of electrogravity by greedy, oversized populations. The two latter-noted groups of aliens have gone so far as to suggest that humans need to reduce their population numbers if we want to develop a larger, global system of electrogravity, lest we shorten the life of the sun, due to electrogravity’s effect on the surrounding space-time continuum.

My reply? As is required of the best of aliens, I place all such knowledge in the regenerative social context in which it was offered. The mathematical implications of the “new” electrogravity universe aren’t solely numerical---they can be construed in shared social and ecological terms.

For example, when we talk about electrogravity, much of the human future is called into question. Aliens explicitly ask whether humans can rise up and overcome a corrupt human elite that wants to privately own and militarize recovered alien technology, a narrow and often fatuous group of wealthy lawbreakers who want to leave the rest of humankind in ignorance.

Aliens say that humans will either get it right and learn to use electrogravity non-destructively, or humankind may perish by its own greedy hands—before we can become a threat to other worlds.

Not all planets survive such selfishness, apparently.


Paranormal Adept
Here are few more interesting scientific papers that might shed a light on future technologies that might be currently used by aliens to drive their craft on the edge permitted by General Relativity. In particular solutions that are based on warp drives and negative mass, since recently the first astrophysical observations were made confirming existence of negative mass via Sach-Wolfe effect.

Negative masses and matter creation within a modified Λ CDM framework
by J. S. Farnes
In short, it is well accepted in modern astrophysics that dark mass and negative mass exhibit similar behavior and presence of negative mass in intergalactic voids had been partially confirmed through Sach-Wolfe effect. So author sets on building a cosmological model of galaxy that would include negative mass and than compare the model's behavior with observed behavior of galaxies. His model of successfully reproduces flattening of the rotational speed of galaxies, which can not be explained with Newtonian physics.
The Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect

Metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive
by Igor I. Smolyaninov
Electromagnetic metamaterials are capable of emulating many exotic space-time geometries, such as black holes, rotating cosmic strings, and the big bang singularity. Here we present a metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive, and study its limitations due to available range of material parameters. It appears that the material parameter range introduces strong limitations on the achievable “warp speed”, so that ordinary magneto-electric materials cannot be used. On the other hand, newly developed “perfect” bi-anisotropic non-reciprocal magnetoelectric metamaterials should be capable of emulating the physics of warp-drive gradually accelerating up to 1/4c.

My comment on the above introduction from author would be that this paper clearly illustrates possibility to create warp drive directly inside thickness of the UFO's hull if it was made from metamaterial. As described in other papers in this thread UFOs are constantly producing EM effects that are proportional to a stage of their flight: when UFOs are higher or flying faster they are surrounded by thicker, brighter and hotter plasma (white-bluish in color) and when UFOs are hovering close to the ground plasma becomes thinner, transparent and cooler (orange in color). As well, the larges percentage of described UFOs are made in a form of single piece mold without openings. That form would be ideal for warp drive.

Optical diametric drive acceleration through action–reaction symmetry breaking
by a group of authors
Newton’s third law of motion is one of the pillars of classical physics. This fundamental principle states that the forces two bodies exert on each other are equal and opposite. Had the resulting accelerations been oriented in the same direction, this would have instead led to a counter intuitive phenomenon, that of diametric drive 1. In such a hypothetical arrangement, two interacting particles constantly accelerate each other in the same direction through a violation of the action–reaction symmetry.

And finally one very significant astrophysical paper on the most probable distribution of intelligent life across our local Milky Way galaxy. Most of people reading science news had heard of habitable zones for planets that circle stars, but in this paper author explains how galactic habitable zones form and where in galaxy is most likely to find life. Although this paper comes from an author with scientific background it almost inadvertently comes to the same conclusions as many ufologists, that diminish our expectations and explain many traits in alien behavior:

The Age Distribution of Potential Intelligent Life in the Milky Way
by Daniel Legassick, University of Exeter
We investigated the habitability of the Milky Way, making use of recent observational analysis on the prevalence of Earth - sized planets, in order to estimate where and when potentially habitable star systems may have formed over the course of the Galaxy’s history. We were then able to estimate the age distribution of potential intelligent life in our Galaxy using our own evolution and the age of the Sun as a proxy. To do this we created a galactic chemical evolution model and applied the following habitability constraints to the Sun - like (G - type) stars formed in our model: an environment free from life - extinguishing supernovae, a high enough metallicity for Earth - sized planet formation and sufficient time for the evolution of complex life. We determined a galactic habitable zone as the region containing all the potentially habitable star systems in our model. Our galactic habitable zone contains stars formed between 11 and 3.8 billion years ago at radial distances of between 7 and 14 kiloparsecs. We found that most potentially habitable star systems are much older than the Sun and located farther from the galactic centre. By comparing the ages of these systems we estimated that ~77% of potentially habitable star systems are on
average ~3.13 billion years older than the Sun . This suggests that any intelligent life in the Galaxy is likely to be incredibly more advanced th
an we are assuming that they have evolved under similar timescales than we have. Implications and limitations of our study are discussed.

Near-field Analysis of Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields
by William D. Walker
When an antennae emits radio wave two fields form and both fields are derived from the same Maxwell equations. One is called far field and it is the one everybody knows about as a EM field that moves at a speed of light. Second field is called near field and nowadays most consumers have a mobile phone with built in near field gadget that helps pairing with other devices or making payments. It is a little known fact that in the first 1/6th of wavelength near field travels faster than speed of light and not by a small margin. EM near field has completely different structure from 'normal' far field and within that very short range 1/6th of wavelength it can travel infinitely faster than speed of light in vacuum.

Unfortunately that short range of 1/6th of wavelength makes near field almost useless. To increase range, we need to increase wavelength, which reduces frequency and reducing frequency reduces amount of information that can be carried. So near field is not very good for transferring large amounts of data on a long range. Within that 1/6th of wavelength near field couples capacitatively and inductively to other objects, so it can transfer electrical power. But than that coupling creates a situation that every nearby objects becomes a remote plate of capacitor and becomes charged. That can have unpredictable health consequences and it can wreck havoc with other devices.
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Paranormal Novice
You list NICAP's The UFO Evidence, published in 1964 -- and properly so, as it is a very good resource. It was compiled by the late Richard M. Hall. Mr. Hall later compiled an excellent second volume, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, published in hardcover by Scarecrow Press in 2001, covering data from about 1964-1999. Section VII, "Special Evidence," covers "electromagnetic effects," "environmental effects," and other topics pertinent to this thread.


Paranormal Adept
The elusive dark matter, that mainstream physicist say is necessary to explain expansion of universe, behaves in a way that is very similar or even the same as negative mass. Both Newton's theory of gravity and General Relativity allow existence of negative mass, without disagreement with conservation of energy and momentum. In GR, negative mass is explicitly introduced by Einstein himself in a form of cosmological constant that provides repulsive force that causes expansion of the universe. If existence of dark matter is confirmed, that would at a same time confirm existence of dark matter. To many, it would came as a surprise that the existence of dark matter/negative mass had been partially experimentally proven with medium to high significance

According to Integrated Sach-Wolfie effect, each time we look up into night sky we are looking into an ocean of negative mass. Dark matter or negative mass, if they are confirmed to be the same, is practically all the empty black space between stars and galaxies. Negative mass and it's anti-gravity effects are already created by nature, we just need to find a way how we can use it to create reactionless propulsion.

Another way to prove that dark matter and negative mass are the same thing is to run simulations of evolution of universe that use known proportions of ordinary attractive matter and repulsive dark matter. Several such simulation were done by Dr James Farnes, who led the team at Oxford's e-Research Centre and importantly these simulations predict formation of the universe that is highly in agreement with astronomical observations, that consists of galactic clusters connected with intergalactic threads and huge intergalactic voids. You can watch animations produced by these negative mass simulations:

In a previous post you can find links to all mentioned scientific papers that go into more detail.

Another good video on dark mater:

with relevant paper: Possible Evidence for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Inner Milky Way from the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope by Dr. Dan Hooper

Negative mass is extremely relevant to UFO propulsion.

The most likely way to unify the combined statistically-significant trends in physical UFO evidence: mechanical, electro-magnetic and relativistic, is if we assume that UFO hulls are made of normal matter meta-materials that when exposed to high electrical voltages and currents can create negative mass effects. Essentially UFO technology enables their hulls to behave both as positive and negative mass, with a flip of a switch. That is only way to explain enormous acceleration, without any reactive force and still stay withing Newtonian mechanics and General Relativity.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank @Thomas R Morrison for his knowledge of theoretical physics and continuous support of common goal of search for possible scientific explanation of UFO propulsion and the way UFOs can break speed of light limit.
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J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Excellent post. I love that comutational cosmology stuff. Here's where I jump off the train though.:
... each time we look up into night sky we are looking into an ocean of negative mass ..
That looks like a leap in logic to me. Theories and mathematical models aren't reality itself. The truth is that "negative mass" is just an astrophysical theory that has been proposed as a way of explaining observed behavior, and we still don't have the answer.
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Paranormal Adept
Yeah, @USI Calgary, it is only like a journalistic article. I intensively used "possibly" and "maybe" throughout of the post about the dark matter/negative mass correlation. I just thought it would annoy the reader if I used it once more. And I just had to finish with a lyrical note, to encourage those who want to pursue physics based UFO research. In ufology, this type of researcher is rearer than aliens themselves :).

Mainstream science ventured on about half dozen of well funded research avenues for dark matter and none is yet yielded an unambiguous "aha!" moment. We might be in for a very long wait for that next, bigger, Hadron collider.
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J. Randall Murphy
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Yeah, @USI Calgary, it is only like a journalistic article. I intensively used "possibly" and "maybe" throughout of the post about the dark matter/negative mass correlation. I just thought it would annoy the reader if I used it once more. And I just had to finish with a lyrical note, to encourage those who want to pursue physics based UFO research. In ufology, this type of researcher is rearer than aliens themselves :).

Mainstream science ventured on about half dozen of well funded research avenues for dark matter and none is yet yielded an unambiguous "aha!" moment. We might be in for a very long wait for that next, bigger, Hadron collider.
Sure. It's good to cover this stuff. It makes you think. That's for sure.


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Just found another brilliant scientific paper going into great depth about electromagnetic effects:

A Preliminary Study of Sixty Four Pilot Sighting Reports Involving Alleged Electro-Magnetic Effects on Aircraft Systems

This preliminary report presents the findings of a comprehensive review of over fifty years of pilot reports in which permanent or transient electro-magnetic (EM) effects occurred on in-flight aircraft systems allegedly as a direct or indirect result of the relatively near presence of one or more unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). From a total of 1,300 reports sixty four (5%) were found that involved E-M effects. Of these, thirty three (3 %) case reports contained 58 different E-M effects that fit the authors’ level 1 (highest) acceptance criteria. Of these cases, the (fundamental) aircraft system most frequently affected was electrical (46 cases; 79%) followed by power plant (4 cases; 6%), on-board radar contact (4 cases; 6%), and miscellaneous (3 cases; 5%). Of the forty six electrical system interference cases the radio’s function was affected most often (18 cases; 39%) followed by compass reading errors in 12 cases (26%). In general, it was found that general aviation aircraft were more likely to be affected than commercial or military type aircraft. The most commonly reported UAP shape is round or oval. Interestingly, most of the E-M effects occurred when the UAP was nearby the aircraft. These findings are potentially important and deserve further in-depth study and confirmation by obtaining additional high quality aviation reports.

So far we've got 448 EM cases from Mark Rodegheir, plus here 64 new ones from Richard Haines. Total of 512 physical EM cases. That makes EM cases more numerous than any other observed physical UFO effect.


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Robert Powell had released detailed scientific analysis of all the publicly available physical data on Nimitz UFO incident, cameras, radars etc:

A Forensic Analysis of Navy Carrier Strike Group Eleven’s Encounter with an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle

Nothing beats scientific analysis :)

Just to sweeten your appetite, here is a one little quote from the above paper:

"Calculated AAV accelerations ranged from 40 g-forces to hundreds of g- forces and estimated power based on a weight of one ton ranged from one to nine gigawatts."

Just for comparison a typical electrical railroad locomotive has power output of about 4.5 - 5.2MW. That is between 200 and 2,000 electrical locomotives under Tic Tac's bonnet
. And medium size NERVA Phoebus nuclear reactor can output 1,100 MW.
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