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Jim Moseley Memorial & Celebration Page is now online!


Paranormal Adept
Gene set this up way back when, but now it's finally starting to come together…

Now online, the James W. Moseley memorial page, a lively tribute to the life and work of UFOlogy's "Court Jester." Through Saucer News, and later Saucer Smear, Jim chronicled the history of the flying saucer field and the fascinating people that lived it.

The site is still in its infancy, but ready for visitors. Be sure to leave feedback on what features you'd like to see.


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Whoa, there Gene! Not "take it over," just lending a hand to help get things started. I'm really looking forward others pitching in.
What's up so far is just a hint of what it will come to be.

Thanks again for creating the site!
Update- Rick Hilberg has provided some vintage photos and will be contributing an article on the epic Saucer News 1967 New York City UFO convention. Lance Moody has promised to scan some vintage Saucer News material, and other items are expected to pour in time from places far and wide. Check it out, and if you've got anything that would help drop a line to the address at the site:

James W. Moseley, Remembered

Just a note to let folks know there have been a couple of new pieces added to the Moseley page:
A magazine article from 1967 on Long John Nebel, Jim and the big NYC flying saucer convention:
Strangers From Space! | In Honor of Jim Moseley

Also, an article by Geneva Hagen from Crossroads Quarterly, Summer 1976 (Vol. 1, No. 1), the story of a UFO investigation that lead into the Budd Hopkins-Jim Moseley feud:
The Night the UFOs Didn’t Land in North Hudson Park | In Honor of Jim Moseley

There's also a few other pictures and links added, so please take a look!
The previously-mentioned Moseley Wikipedia page prompted me to begin covering some of Jim's other notable exploits.
The first one finished is about the history and mystery of the flying saucer film that Jim used in his series of lectures:
The Lost Creek Saucer: Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist | In Honor of Jim Moseley

This clip is in the article, but just to whet your appetite:

Another recent addition in case you missed it, a reprint of Gene's great editorial on the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Ufology:
Jim Moseley and Gray Barker: Two Spooks? by Gene Steinberg | In Honor of Jim Moseley
I always wondered how easily people were fooled by Lost Creek. When Jim showed the footage to me in the old days, it was so obviously a fake I didn't give it a second glance. Oh well.
August 4 is International Jim Moseley Recognition and Celebration Day (Jim's birthday).
10 years ago, Karl Pflock had a James W. Moseley Roast Page to celebrate "50 madcap years as Serious Ufologist (his Adamski expose), UFOhoaxer (the Straith letter), Semi-Serious Ufologist (his 4-D Theory), and Reigning Court Jester of The Field."
Raise a cup!

The James W. Moseley (Dreaded) Internet Roast is now archived at the Moseley site:
The James W. Moseley (Dreaded) Internet Roast (Archive) | In Honor of Jim Moseley
Thanks for keeping this up Curt.

By the way: We just did major server swap and software upgrade that should make that site — and all the rest on our server — run much faster.
George Hansen, author of the Trickster and the Paranormal has written a nice tribute to the Supreme commander at his blog:

"Loved by some, reviled by others, James W. Moseley (1931-2012) was a presence in ufology for nearly 60 years. In 1954 at age 22, he started a newsletter that continued until his death—with a run of more than 450 issues. The zine had various titles, but in 1981 he settled on Saucer Smear.Humor and sarcasm were its hallmarks, with a focus on scandals, fights, irrationalities, hoaxes, and exposés. No one was safe..."
The Paranormal Trickster Blog: James Moseley as Trickster
"Loved by some, reviled by others, James W. Moseley (1931-2012)

I can only assume that those who reviled James Moseley were the dopes that he duped. :)
Heh- but his duping was minor in comparison to the field that was full of phony contactees, frauds like George Adamski, Silas Newton etc... in a way, his pranks and hoaxes were a parody of what they were doing, but yeah... also phony.

The "reviled" contingent was chiefly two distinct factions, the frauds he exposed and the stuffed shirts he poked fun at.