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"It's faked!" Something that burns my tail - a discussion about skepticism.

A search for UFO Ukraine is getting some hits that there is 'UFO' activity but nothing related to military pilots seeing objects in the skies. It would be an interesting thread to pull.
See I read that in the Korean War US pilots were told not to bother with UFO's as there was nothing they could do and hostility towards UFO's seemed pointless. The Nimitz Tic Tac encounter , again if taken at face value, is another example of our known technologies fighter jet capability to match 'UFO' flight characteristics.
I have also read that Russian pilots have tried to bring down UFO's so it would be interesting to talk to serving military in the Ukrainian conflict on whether there have been encounters and/or have they been briefed to ignore trying to interact with the phenomena.
Well they probably won't talk any of such things during the conflict.

But we should keep our eyes open, something might leak out even accidentally in the videos, and after a few years perhaps there will be things to investigate? Considering the new positive climate on "UAP", its very likely researchers will get hands on any material gathered by the Ukrainian Military.