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it happened one day

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Skilled Investigator
It was last july when I saw my first UFO.I was taking a lunch break when I looked up and saw a bronze shaped disc w/ heat shimmering bottom.It was a dull but rflective bronze(if that makes sense).It was about 35' acrose and 300-400 feet above me and moving directly towords me.(I know the height due to a cell phone tower near by that i could judge its height by).It was silent and fluid in its movemnt.It went into a cloud and never came out the other side.In 22 years of law enforcement It was the damndest thing I ever witnessed.(and bilieve me i have seen some strange shit in my time).The sighting lasted about 35sec.(yeah a cop always checks his watch...loll)Was it an E.T? Well that I can't say factualy.Was it ours?maybe.(i doubt it).Do I believe it was from elswere other than this plante?Yes I do.But the facts are flimsy at best for this.
Pininmefin, did you get the impression the cloud was natural? I ask because although my cloud looked natural, it hadn't been in the sky moments before my UFO flew into it. Felt the UFO must have made it quickly for hiding.