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Is a UAP Smoking Gun at Hand?

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Clearly the public believes something is going on:

I'm concerned, however, with the mention of James Comer, the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, because he is, on the basis of his erratic behavior over recent months, nobody to take seriously.
Never thought I'd see the day…

I thought the hearing was fantastic. No, we didn't really get any new information. And no, it didn't resolve anything (although it did provide plenty of 'leads' for Congress to follow up on). But, finally, the subject of UFOs was being treated with respect and being taken seriously by the government. And isn't that what we've all been asking for from day one?

But probably more importantly, the cover up, that we've always suspected existed, is being brought kicking and screaming into the light.
I to found the hearing really good. But it was less than I had hoped for. There was a lot of I could tell you in a secure room. Who is this Director General that is fully briefed (sorry from UK so not up to speed with everyone important in the US)? I am keen to see what happens next I was left without doubt that if the stonewalling continues a full financial audit will take place and misappropriated funds will be tracked down in earnest. Heck I am not lost to the AATIP program losing 20Million in funding and then De Longs to the Stars Academy gained the useful Luis Elizondo

Keep showing support for those pursing the truth. Let them know what they do is important.​

I sort of expected that the inner details of David Grusch's background would be unearthed, including the fact that he suffered from PTSD from his service in Afghanistan.

The folks at Debrief have a summary of the situation and apparent efforts to use his mental health issues to discredit him:

Long and short is that Grusch shouldn't be demonized for a condition from which many soldiers suffer. It's not at all clear whether or not it will affect the accuracy of his claims, but it will sure be used to discredit him.
Thankyou Gene for your post. The sacrifice armed service personnel make for their country and the help provided should always been seen as a good thing. You would not want personnel, in particular those that have dealt with the 'elephant' to avoid receiving /refusing assessment and support in fear that it will be used against them in the future.
Anyway disclosing that information without consent , I'm sure breaks a few rules (GDPR)
Congress it looks like you are being tested to see if you have the power to take away funding from certain special projects. Time to show them we are a democracy ..... or are we ???????