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Hello all. I'm 16 and extreamly interested!


Skilled Investigator
Also check out "Sight Unseen" by Budd Hopkins & Carol Rainey and "Supernatural" by Graham Hancock if the abduction thing is your cup of tea. (Of course there's way more than that to "Supernatural" and so it's a must-read on a couple of levels.)


Pompetus of Love
neuromancer said:
Rick Deckard said:

Billy Meier has moved to Phoenix?? :eek:

LOL. I noticed that too.

This was interesting:

UFOs in the East Village-UFO Casebook Files

I did not notice this when it came out...Bill Birnes clearly states that Haut's statement was the final proof we all needed...I guess I'll get out of the pool now.

We should make a UFO Jeopardy game for Shadow Fox to play. The topics are so easy to think of: Light beings, Reptilians, USOs, Grays, Abductions, Pleidians (sp), etc. I'll take one-armed Swiss farmers for $500 Gene.