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Haunted mirror sells for $155 on ebay

Stagger Lee

Paranormal Adept
I'm reminded of the 1980's show "Friday the 13th the series" where cursed objects were tracked down and put in a vault.
Of course, today we have the real deal "Haunted Collector" (the Warren's nephew) who rids a household of their haunted item- put under glass in his museum, where said item will no longer torment the living. My wife and I will place bets on which antique item the team will spy first during their initial walkthrough. I'm waiting for a future episode where the team tracks the haunted item, which happens to be a 1st edition Superman comic book.
Team member; "What would you like me to do with the item?"
Client; "Take it. Frame it under some pixie glass and hang it in the mystery-museum."


Paranormal Adept
ive g0t some haunted stuff to sell on ebay;

some cheerios that make noises when milk is added.
a sock that has lost its partner and materialises in the bottom of washing baskets.
a tv that on a particular setting TURNS ITS SELF OFF BY NO HUMAN HAND.
nancy reagan's vagina.