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ghost vid

I'm all seriousness, physical apparitions have the potential to manifest themselves using energy at their own disposal. It typically takes a lot of energy to do it though, that's why it doesn't happen every day.

I think you are sincere. :) I was just wondering what kind of knowledge you have, hence my question. The cat's action is actually a very common occurrence. Animals 'see' (sense) differently than humans.

I'm not sure I agree that there is such a thing as "physical apparitions". Physical is physical and abides by physical 'laws' - constraints - what have you. When you say 'apparition' you are suggesting something non-physical.

You are also suggesting intent and motivation regarding something that is not adequately described. One has to consider where intelligence, awareness and intent can exist. Under what conditions. I understand why apparitions/ghosts are an 'urban legend' (to use modern parlance) that assumes intelligence, intent and even motivation - but there is no evidence for that. Not really. IMO.
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I have a different 'take' on it all. That something 'objectively' was happening I have no doubt - though not 'objective' in a material sense. Whether I would go so far as to identify it as you have I think is 'premature'. Also, I do not believe the phenomenon 'respected my desire' - though I find that a unique and interesting perspective to take. Rather, I see it more as - like the poet said - 'I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.'

Let me insert here that in my years of study in the occult/esoteric realm, one clear and unambiguous warning was always issued from teachers I respected, who I felt were legitimate, and that was to avoid at all costs developing the clairaudient capacity. I have read innumerable cautionary tales concerning individuals who actively sought to travel the road of phenomenon - which included clairaudience - and lived to rue the day they made that choice. I know of one situation where the husband of such a woman watched as she descended into madness. She was unable to stop 'the voices' once they began - and she could not discern between the voices, or command them with her own will. In the end, her psyche - never adequately prepared for such an onslaught - buckled and was destroyed for the remainder of her incarnation.

The above said, I live with the absolute conviction that we are in charge of ourselves. There is nothing to fear from 'the other side'. Nothing can harm us unless we allow it in and give it power. I cannot stress enough - as someone who knows from personal experience that there exist other realms (usually called 'spiritual') not evident to the material senses - that
as much light and goodness and love as exists in those realms, there is also a great deal of flotsam and jetsam (cast off and disintegrating shells) that one does not want to 'invoke' and 'animate'.

People are generally clueless that they engage in 'manifestation' constantly. In fact, they actively resist the very idea that that kind of command is part of the human gestalt. In point of fact, it very much is and we are the drivers of what we see manifesting in this world. That said, focus and concentration given to the subjects of horror movies and all that ilk, is a massive 'creation' on subtle levels. It is equivalent to being confronted with a synthetic fibre and natural fibers like silk or cotton. Or having plastic rather than wood. Those 'synthetic creations' - born of phantasms of the overheated mind - in the hothouse of fear and loathing - become a muck that rears up seeking 'manifestation'. Of themselves they have no 'life' - no 'ego', no 'divine spark'. They are automatons waiting for 'animation' with the weir light of human attention. In a way we are all sorcerers - albeit we wield our power in ignorance - and reap the whirlwind as a result. (Most common is depression).

Hence, my statement of - in effect - 'get thee behind me, satan' :cool: - is the power we all have over these things. We rule them - and we can pick and choose. We do well to exercise discernment and judicious discrimination bwteen what is of value and what is spurious. The realm of paranormal phenomenon is choked with the latter, quite aside from the hoaxes.

Actually, Tyger, this post inclines me to think that it's not advisable to encourage people to engage and experiment with the occult since, in the nature of things on earth in our time, many people will be vulnerable to experiences that might completely destabilize them.
Actually, Tyger, this post inclines me to think that it's not advisable to encourage people to engage and experiment with the occult since, in the nature of things on earth in our time, many people will be vulnerable to experiences that might completely destabilize them.
The "moving glass game"[ http://comofazer.etc.br/jogo-do-copo-explicamos-tudo-sobre-ele/] is an example. I have played it when I was little with my cousins and the glass moved about 2 m. Telekinesis or spirits? Either way I was told never to play with that because spirits can come and decide to stay at our places. And this is something no one should get into.
Spirits in a glass ?.

I will have ice and coke with mine.
It is like the Ouija Board. The upturned glass moves within a circle and respond questions by pointing at papers with letters or yes & no answers. In our case eons ago we played on the floor and the glass started moving across the room.
A ghost is normally defined as the returning spirit of a deceased person. Parapsychologist stopped using this term due to lack of evidence of intelligence in some ghosts.
Peter, I have to ask. Are you typing this info while reading the back of a cereal box? Not trying to be mean, it's just that your ghost posts seem so generic, or something. Ok, carry on.