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Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd., LLC



pixelsmith said:
dont you know? this dude has retrieved the star craft Isabella from within the great pyramids and is going on a public demonstration that will help guide us into the 4th world or something... it shouldnt be much longer....

no I didn't know. You can fill us in on the day he does this. I don't need to hear the rest. Why do you keep posting about it?


meciar said:
no I didn't know. You can fill us in on the day he does this. I don't need to hear the rest. Why do you keep posting about it?

meclar, the topic is about dr boylan. this is how a topic works, you create a topic and then post things about it. very simple concept. if you do not care about the information you simply do not read it. another very simple concept. why would you read a topic that does not interest you? ???


Paranormal Novice
Now Ed Dames is contracting hits on him? This guy is a paranoid lunatic space-hippie.

BTW, seeing as how LLC is a type of corporation, does that mean that the name "Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd." is his company name and he doesn't really hold the PhD cred?


Friends and Star Kids,

The Psychic Team Facilitators and I have received Talessian's message, including the statement about his stress and fatigue resultant from incessant 24/7 physical and psychic attacks bythe Cabal, and his need to take a break from it all.
Indeed, Councillor For the Watchers agrees that Talessian needs to take a break.
In my view it is too early to predict what will happen to the starcraft public demonstration campaign, which is now in a stalled position.
One of the things that is becoming clear to me is that the Cabal have moved from psychotronic operations to psi (psychic warfare) operations, and now to psy (psychological warfare) operations. These are taking their toll. With Talessian. And with the hard-working members of the Psychic Teams.
While Talessian is taking his break, let us regroup our energies and take perspective.
Thus far, the struggle has been protracted and complicated. We all have been stretched into unfamiliar territory. Yet this has been a learning experience for us as well.
The Cabal have used their best weapons, and have been met and resisted with an effectiveness they had not expected. Although our resources were not as numerous, nor backed with ill-gotten advanced technology, we did have the light on our side. Talessian, though bruised, is still left standing. And Star Nations has not abandoned its resolve to further actions on Earth that result in the ending and unmasking of the UFO Cover-Up.
At an appropriate time I expect to hear further from Star Nations about what lies ahead. Meanwhile we have an opportunity to catch our breath, and exercise a little patience. :)

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Rick Deckard

Paranormal Maven
IMO, this and Serpo are just mediocre pieces of Science Fiction - I recommend you get hold of some books by Arthur C Clarke or Philip K Dick , they're far more imaginative.


i ran across some interesting info. Phd is most likely not part of his name any more. he liked to get naked with his clients and that is frowned upon. oops, no more license.

The Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker and Marriage,
Family and Child Counselor licenses issued to respondent Richard
Boylan are revoked.

Respondent shall pay costs to the Board of Behavioral
Science Examiners in the sum of $9205/

Dated: (August 1, 1995)


Umm anything with "Star Council" and "Galactic Federation" scares me.

If you want to see how these different sites are rated on the kook level go to

www.crank.net You will be amazed at the amount of craziness out there.


?4 October 2006
Vancouver, Canada

Star Friends and All,

Suffice it to say that the past ten months of my life have been
extremely intense and eye-opening. Suffice it to say that the Cabal
Empire has been stricken with paranoia by my simple intention.
Suffice it to say that the Star Nations Starcraft Mission,
aka "Symbol of Truth," has worn me down enough to pass the baton to a
more aptly-prepared individual, in the wings.

I won't bore you with the gory statistics, and I think I've spoken at
length before so I'll be brief before I slip away.

I have learned many lessons on this unusual journey. Many things I
have re-learned or remembered. Since my awakening I found myself
loaded with questions and few answers. This mission, to me, was a
genuine chance to answer some of those questions, particularly one
question, and they were so important that I would risk anything to
answer those questions.

The starcraft mission was designed to fail, from my point of view,
and I chose it for that reason. Star Nations asked me many times if I
was certain that I wanted to do it. Even after it was begun I was
asked and each time I confirmed my decision. I truly believed that I
could accomplish it, even requiring my own life to do so which had
mixed reactions from people. I'm not a martyr. I don't believe in
that sort of thing, but when something is as important as this and
the odds are stacked against you 1,000:1, if you are not willing to
bet your life then you had better sit back and watch someone else do
it. This is my thinking. Perhaps I have a warrior mindset.

It has always been in my nature to succeed at the impossible, at a
cost. Surely, this mission was in that league; it makes the Mission:
Impossible movies look like a slow ride to Grandma's House in a
limousine. But there has been something very wrong with this mission
on so many levels which is why I said that it was designed to fail.
One example I'll share, and there are many, is that in order for me
to fully embrace my star persona, Talessian, it required me to let go
of my ego, a reluctant ego at that; and the more I lost my ego the
less interest I had in flying a starcraft for the sake of "proving"
the existence of Star People, of which I am one, and I have been
interacting with many. It's like a human trying to prove to
butterflies that humans are real.

Plus, the more of my star persona that arose, the more connected I
became to Star People, and Star Nations, and Source, and the less
interest I had in proving things. Why? Because there is so much more
to this world, to this life, to this universe, so much that is so
blinding in truth that everything else becomes insignificant, that's
why. There is so much beauty in the world, in this existence, that I
have no word to express what I feel. And so that has been my biggest
battle of all, not the Cabal, they are distractions, not the
starcraft, it is a flying vessel: but the battle
between...enlightenment, perhaps, I don't rightly know the terms for
it. The battle between the spirit and material world. Your guess is a
good as mine at this point.

Over the course of this mission many things happened on many levels,
some of which I was aware of and some of which I was not. Just like
my mission, some things I was aware of and some things I was not. I
believe that all is in perfection and all things have a reason and
therefore what has happened was meant to happen. While we may think
we understand it, we might on one level, but there are many levels we
have yet to understand.

It has been my honor to serve in this manner. My gratitude and thanks
to Star Nations for offering so much and asking for so little. My
thanks also to all the Lightworkers and all good-willed people for
their kind thoughts and their energy. It was certainly put to good
use. And my thanks to the Psychic Teams for their hard work.
If I pushed you all too hard it was necessary and I meant no ill
will. My special thanks to Dr. Richard Boylan (Councillor of Earth)
for putting his career on the line with an unusual person and an
uncertain outcome. I'm very certain that your day is at hand.

Ultimately, Star Nations and my Star Family is very committed to
assisting Earth at this time, and has been doing so for a long time.
Trust in them to assist further and remember that the real work is
still encumbent upon you all. And there is much work that needs to be
done. The starcraft will not solve the world's problems and will
create new ones. Be ready for that outcome. Be brave.

May the next starcraft captain receive all the blessings to take him
to the skies and to mesmerize the world with the truth! May the
people finally wake as the Fifth World unfolds.

I will continue with my personal development as before. There are
more lessons for me to learn and I am an eager student.

In Love and Light,
Mario Sasso

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept

OK, you win the Weird Useless Posts Award.

Man, those things are just bizarre.

So what's the scoop, please tell me you don't buy into this stuff, that you're just posting them on here 'cause they're goofy, right?



i think it deserves to be posted here. and yes i do believe this group is at best, goofy. they are goofy enough to keep an eye on. my only hope is that hale-bopp does not return anytime soon or these wack jobs will be wearing the red robes...


LMAO... i cant wait for Plan Z.01 ;D

UFOFacts members,

One clarification to one part of Mario's message.
Councillor For the Watchers said that it is NOT correct that Mario/Talessian's mission (Plan B) was "designed to fail".
The mission was designed to_succeed_, but was foreseen that failure was likely.
As Mario notes, the reasons for failure include internal deficiencies of his as well as external attacks by the Cabal.
As Shoshone Elder Blue Thunder noted on this, every such "unsuccessful" undertaking is a learning lesson, and if the lesson is learned, then the exercise has not been a waste of time.
Onward to Plan C.
And if necessary, to Plan D, E, F, etc.
As Naval hero John Paul Jones proclaimed, "(We) have not yet begun to fight!"

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
Email: [email protected]
You may join Dr. Boylan's information e-mailing list by sending one email to:
[email protected]


This is without a doubt, the most confusing thread that I have ever tried to follow. This Dr. Boylan (wonder where he got his PhD??) fellow sure can generate extremely hard to understand verbage. I think that I did some of this stuff back in high school as a prank to an English teacher. It was funny then when I was writing gobblety-gook like this to be a smart-ass, but, I think that this guy actually believes his own line and that is why I love this country. Plenty of room for all sorts of goofballs, myself included. Oh, sorry, I'm receiving a message from Galatic Relay Station 258756....damn static....yes....what package?.....no Regional Vice Under-lord Sdtoingt....what was that, say again....the laser what?.....no sir, i paid for overnight delivery....yes....no....I will compy....yes, I will say hi to your mother....ok....Terra Station 07631 out...


Skilled Investigator
pixelsmith said:
Star Friends et tout,
But again, I think we can concur: the only hard-headed criterion of whether Talessian has a starcraft is for it to be seen over major cities, and reports and photos go on television and the newspapers.
I have waited 59 years for the UFO Cover-Up to end. I can wait a few months more if I have to.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
It doesn't have to be scheduled. Just go to Radio Shack and buy a scanner. Follow the Newsplex Nine chopper to the scenes of crimes and just show the damn ship. Not that complicated to get on TV if you have a freakin' spaceship.


Skilled Investigator
Pixel, is it just me, or does this stuff read like a bunch of BS?
Nope. You're one of many. It's the same sort of meaningless News-Age psychobabble that one reads from the Ashtar channelers.

Roll up the pant-legs. It's too late to save the shoes.

BTW, my sources have obtained this top-super-seekrit photo of the fellow addressing the Star Kids at their summer camp at an undisclosed location on an unidentified planet.



hiding in plain sight are you KorMan? we all know that is you in the pointed hat.