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Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd., LLC



i would love to hear this guy on your show. i am surprised i havent heard you mention him.

Friends and Star Kids,

? ? I share this communication from Star Nations representative Councillor For the Watchers, who reported the outcome of today's Joint Psychic Exercise.

? ? - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 3:01 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: CFW to COE

Councillor of Earth,

It is with the deepest gratitude Star Nations extends collective appreciation on the accomplished mission of extracting the Star Being held in confinement on the Northern American Eastern Atlantic Coast.?

On behalf of the Councillor for those called Altairian-Sirian Star Beings, it is my honor to advise that all members of the Altairian-Sirian Star System are safely united and are in the process of being healed in all energy systems.? It is also with amazement our Star Nations medicinal units report the damage sustained does not equate with the amount of known damage inflicted within three Earth hours before the extraction was completed.

Councillor, Thank you.

~Councillor for the Watchers

Councillor For the Watchers,

? ? On behalf of the many hundreds of Human persons participating? in the Joint Psychic Exercise along with the Star Nations Extraction Team, I accept your thanks and that of Star Nations.
? ? It is we of Earth who are humbled by this opportunity to serve.
? ? It is likely that Altairian-Sirian Woman's better-than-expected condition, despite three hours of torture, is due to the collective healing and shielding which we did.
? ? During the Joint Exercise I also sent to Altairian-Sirian Woman the collective Apology of Humans for the imprisonment and barbaric treatment accorded her by the Cabal.
? ? I trust that the Councillor For the Altairian-Sirian Star Persons and all the Altairian-Sirians will come to see that the Cabal do not represent Earth, their control of Earth is slipping fast, and that we Humans generally are a good-hearted people.
? ? Today's happy outcome is gracious testimony to that.
? ? May Altairian-Sirian Woman and her comrades enjoy their overdue return to their homeworld.
? ? And we of Earth send our love and say, "God speed!"

? ? ? ? -? ? Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Behavioral scientist, educator, researcher, Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 22310
Sacramento, CA 95822, USA
Email: [email protected]
You may join Dr. Boylan's information e-mailing list by sending one email to:
[email protected]


does everyone think this guy is on the up and up? he and the lightworkers saved a star visitor with telepathic love and light.

my guess is that they also stopped the korean missiles from reaching the US.


Light Workers,

It is an honor to walk with you in this format for a short time. It is known that this tribe of Warriors is working to understand more fully the 11:11 Laws. In communication tonight with Wendi, there was a question of how it was the Star Nations applied the Laws to those things done such as assisting with weather related events.

The first item to understand is that these Laws do not stand separate. They work united and serve to bind together all levels and all points. But it is still wise to consider the individual truths present.

The Universal Law of Nature guides the Star Nations very directly in our interactions with all Species. It serves as a ruler when Star Nations considers interactions with Earth Being and all life forms upon Her.

The Law of Nature works alongside the Law of Change to establish evolutionary regulations and understandings. It is known that Star Nations works to assist developing species by such methods as genetic mutations. Before such changes can be applied, Star Nations must thoroughly understand all factors involved. A genetic change will not be introduced to a Species if that change will cause the Law of Nature to be violated. An example of this would be that the Star Nations would not present to Humans of Earth a genetic alteration allowing them to grow wings and fly in the air. The reason behind this is that it would violate the Law of Nature in that the evolution of different life forms within the Earth Being biosphere has dictated other Species of life to move about in the Air. For Humans, natural evolution may one day allow for advanced flight through means of levitation. But if that is to occur, it will happen within the guidelines of the 11:11 Laws.

A second application of the Law of Nature is in the manner Star Nations works to assist Earth Being and the environmental conditions upon Her.

Star Nations is required by the Law of Protection to monitor all developing Species. This is the same as how Humans are required under this same Law to monitor the life forms upon Earth who are not able to monitor and protect themselves.

The Law of Nature dictates to Star Nations that certain changes occur as a part of growth. Do you see how in one sentence there are 3 laws braided together? The Law of Nature for this Planet Earth says that death of physical bodies will occur. For the level Humans occupy at this time, that death is a vital part of the Law of Spiritual Growth of Man. A part of this cycle of life and death involves changes which are not always experienced as pleasant. Earth Being also experiences these changes. Those changes are naturally reflected in the movements called Earthquakes. Also, there are many other manifestations of these changes.

Star Nations must honor those Natural changes. An example of this is that Star Nations can not and will not prevent the movement of Earth skin. Star Nations will not prevent the natural volcanic eruptions. Star Nations will not alter weather patterns.

It is understood fully that certain Humans have themselves taken actions which have resulted in catastrophic Earth Changes. These actions violated the Law of Nature. Still, these actions were performed by those who are a part of the same system. Star Nations worked to contain the damage inflicted, but the same Law of Nature prevented Star Nations from forcible action. I apologize if there is a form of paradox with this, but perhaps you can see how careful Star Nations is to work inside these laws.

My desire is that this small amount of information might assist you. Your time of transition is here. If you are able to learn how to apply and fully understand these Laws, your transition will be beautiful for your Species and for all beings upon Earth. If you ignore these Laws and fight against them, the transition will occur with great pain and suffering.

What I have seen and observed from Humans is that you are clever. You are fast to learn and even faster to apply knowledge. Star Nations have walked with you from the very first step. We are here.

In service to Light,
Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata of the Star Nations


Services of Channel provided by Wendi E. Powers


maybe no one has heard of this guy? that is hard to believe.

tap tap tap is this thing on?


no one knows about dr richard boylan here? is he dangerous to talk about? what gives? anyone?

david? gene? HELLO? tap tap tap hellooo?...

is this guy nuts or not?

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
pixelsmith said:
no one knows about dr richard boylan here? is he dangerous to talk about? what gives? anyone?

david? gene? HELLO? tap tap tap hellooo?...

is this guy nuts or not?

Uhm, I'll go out on a limb here, sounds like New Age woogie woogie to me.

I'm busy battling bogus cult media reps, sorry I haven't quite been on the ball with this topic.




You are invited to send a shortened version of the Public Statement From the Star Nations (Below, and as an attachment) to your local paper's Op-Ed (Editorials, Letters to the Editor) page.
Thus we spread consciousness.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Hello to Earth and Her Peoples

July 19, 2006 (960 words)

Some of you know us, some of you don?t, some of you fear us, and some of you welcome us. Well, whatever your thoughts are, we still offer our love and heart-filled compassion to each and every one of you.

We are made up of a Federation of benevolent Star Cultures and we have been here since the Dawn of Humankind. The starcraft in your skies not only proves our historical and ancient relationship to early humankind, but is also a Symbol of Truth for modern humanity.

The Star Nations offer this starcraft as a Symbol of Truth, a public demonstration of our benevolent intention and as a sign of our collective history. The starcraft you may have witnessed was removed from your country of Egypt after having been buried there in safe-keeping for many thousands of years.

Many of the technologies you see today were gifts from the Star Nations given as a way of ensuring your collective evolution into a developed civilization capable of joining the interstellar cultures in your galaxy. This was all negotiated in a 1964 Agreement with four of your Earth governments (USA, People's Republic of China, USSR, and Europe).

That Agreement was woefully neglected and deceitfully manipulated by a powerful Cabal, men of power and influence bent on world domination, until September 2005. At that time, after an exhaustive effort to remedy the Cabal's underhanded attempts to steal our technology and permanently stall our contact attempts with humanity, we proceeded to invalidate the 41-year-old Agreement.

Military organizations, including those of a public or secret nature, have attacked our people at every opportunity, as well made it difficult for us to serve Planet Earth with her required spiritual maintenance.

Today let us begin the return to peaceful cooperation and open dialogue. Today, we ask your governments and decision-makers, public and secret, honest and dishonest, to begin the process of Full Public Disclosure on Star People, Star Visitations, and Star Technology.

Traditionally speaking, we have been inappropriately labeled as "UFOs" (Unidentified Flying Objects), "extraterrestrials", "ETs", "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" ("EBE"), and woefully, as "aliens". All of these labels are based on fear tactics to distance us from humans of good faith and intention. We are people just as you are people. You are human people, we are star people. In this manner of thinking, we prefer the terms "Star People" or "Star Persons" or "Star Visitors" or "Star Cultures".

Your conscious mind, limited by linear thinking and hindered by established logic, may attempt to disbelieve what we are sharing at this time. This is why we recommend looking within your hearts to find the truth and not to be swayed by those in denial, of which we predict there will be many of you. It is a normal reaction, and it is best to allow this reaction to filter out of your system rather than to suppress it with any form of medication.

Some of you may find yourselves as noticeably different, even look upon yourselves as outcasts and unable to fit into an over-structured and spiritless society. You may find yourselves noticeably sensitive, especially affected by people who are without morals, use aggressive behavior and, routinely operate ignorantly. You may find yourselves with a strong intuition, helping people selflessly, or, even may find that you have telepathic and healing abilities. Your kinds of people, collectively Star Children, or Star Seed adults, have been highly upgraded with the genetics of Star People, and now represent a significant population on your planet.

It is expected that each individual will have a different response to the Symbol of Truth of their history. So, it is normal then that some individuals will be incapable of managing the presence of Star People. These individuals should seek the comfort of those who understand Star People, or professionals in the fields of counseling, psychology and clinical social work, as examples.

All of your modern wars have been planned and executed by these same corrupt individuals (Cabal, et al.) in order to further their own agendas to lockdown the entire planet into a kind of prison in which they are the wardens. Each war has allowed them to fight imaginary enemies and, at the same time, enabled them to develop and test new military technologies. These same military technologies are then used against the people. Their ultimate goal is to arm the circumference of the planet so as to control the planet. Many of your awakened experts have referred to this as the "Weaponization of Space".

It is possible that this Demonstration, for whatever reason the people in positions of power may conjure, may be seen as threatening. We want to make clear that we are peaceful races of beings from different planetary systems and any violence or disapproval originates from a human source of misunderstanding, misinformation, or simply ignorance.

We hope that enlightened individuals can intervene and clarify the situation thereby preventing large-scale mistakes. Humans of good conscience must now take a stand and undertake initiatives toward a future of peaceful coexistence.

The statement and message we are communicating at this time is that we want all people of all Cultures (Human Nations) to understand that the Star Nations love you all and hope to one day soon be welcome as friends in and around your communities.

Ultimately we will not force you to make any decisions, for it is against our 11 Spiritual and 11 Universal Laws* to interfere with human free will and spiritual development. We only ask you to look within your hearts, to know the truth, and to welcome us as friends.

Our future goal, when you are ready and no longer under the influence of egotistic leaders and military minds, is to befriend all of you and welcome you into the galactic federation of stars: Star Nations.

- Talessian Namor, representative of Star Nations; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Also known by Earth name: Mario Sasso)

Contact information: ([email protected]) or ([email protected])

Mr. Namor is assisted in his Earth communication work by Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Sacramento, California, who is a policy interlocutor for Star Nations. ([email protected])

* Further details on the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spritual Laws can be obtained at:

The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of the cosmos


Skilled Investigator
ELEVEN/ELEVEN rules.....

Who's got time to read and understand all these rules? As paranoid Larry would say, "There must be somethin' they like about the number eleven....."

There is only one natural right: The right to try and live (with or without the tiger).
There is one fundamental wisdom to the purpose of life: To create more future usefulness than we use up in resources. (Net Creativity)
I count 2. All the rest is statutory societal crap that we have made up over thousands of years of religious marketing plans. Funny how aliens always conform to our emotional ideas of humanity, that.
Just another "woogie woogie" trying to sell a speaking engagement or a book.

paranoid larry


Yes, I had contact with this erhm... group/cult, they aren't totally up too scratch in the head up there... According to him people like Dr.Greer and David Icke are Cabal/Evil he has a whole list of baddies and goodies.... ??? He also condemns people for being strange whilst in his group are people that talk to stones and trees.. he has double standards and his 11 laws are the LAW.

And when you start to question things he soon turns ugly... not a nice man at all.
So yes, interview him but ask the right questions!

Also people in his group don't care about "normal" people only star-seeds rule... kinda like Hitler's blond, blue eyed kids... they are the chosen one's... yeah right.

Besides it's a guy called Mario who invents this stuff, he's the one supposed to dig up an alien craft in egypt and fly it over mayor city's...
Oh and they love ADAM the Dreamhealer too..... says enough I think.

But judge for yourself... ???



I understand your frustration about the starcraft Public Demonstrations over major cities not happening so far. I am frustrated, too. The wait for the beginning of the Public Demonstrations has been much, much longer than Talessian or I thought. It was not expected the enormity, massiveness and complexity of the attacks on Talessian. And these have greatly slowed down preparation time.
And the attacks are not imaginary. I have seen many reports from psychics on our specialty Psychic Teams corroborating these attacks, (and even identifying certain perpetrators in the Cabal's employ.)
But I certainly agree with you that the only hard-headed criterion of whether Talessian has a starcraft is for it to be seen over major cities, and reports and photos go on television and the newspapers. No work-arounds. Absolute empirical evidence and proof in a public setting.
I do not ask anyone to accept what Talessian said or I said just based on ourselves. All I can ask is to reserve judgment until Talessian flies Isabella publicly, (or doesn't.)
Why do I believe him? Because what he says is corroborated by three members of the Star Nations High Council, Councillor For the Watchers, Councillor Asheoma, and the Councillor For the Mantoid People. Also Star Visitor Neuman concurs that Talessian's project is real.
Additional corroboration comes from various psychics who have remote-viewed Talessian and the starcraft.
So, I stand by and wait expectantly.
I realize that I have placed a great deal of my personal credibility on the line with endorsing Talessian's Public Demonstrations campaign. If it doesn't happen, many people will not accept any valid reason. They'll just say that it was all made up. That is the risk I take.
But again, I think we can concur: the only hard-headed criterion of whether Talessian has a starcraft is for it to be seen over major cities, and reports and photos go on television and the newspapers.
I have waited 59 years for the UFO Cover-Up to end. I can wait a few months more if I have to.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
Email: [email protected]
You may join Dr. Boylan's information e-mailing list by sending one email to:
[email protected]


Star Friends et tout,

Let me start by saying that I appreciate your understanding with what
is happening at this time. I realize full well that this particular
world, and its people who have been repressed for so long, require
verifiable, unquestionable and indisputable "proof" in order to
conclusively answer the question: Are humans alone in the universe?

The answer is obvious to me, and to many (and to the Cabal), but the
great majority rely on "seeing is believing," a mantra inspired by
the Cabal since they control what you see.

The Cabal have thrown everything they can at me, until now, in order
to preserve their status quo, and to remind themselves that they are
the Masters of this Blue Planet. The Lightworkers, realizing the
power of organization, are waking to the fact that they are far more
powerful than they ever realized. Many things are afoot at this time.
I restrain myself to say this next line but I feel it should be said
so I say it, but I only say it because I must and please do not feel
that it is another excuse. On Wednesday (Sept.6/06) evening, a Cabal
assassin tried to kill me, three (3) times. That was part of the
kitchen sink. (I know exactly, in detail, who was involved, and their
time will come soon enough.)

The Cabal are at the point of desperation and Lightworkers are at the
point of confidence, and even rebellion. A Star Force on Earth is
about to form. This is invaluable and, I think, far more important
than the starcraft displays (as important as they are).

My love and joy for this planet and its people is undiminished, and
in many ways refreshed. (Surely, I am making some cats jealous.) But,
on to serious matters. The serious matter is that Starcraft Isabella
has not been revealed to the world. So, let me say that I will not
continue with what may be seen as "excuses" and what Cabal operatives
will use against your thoughts, in fact will try to raise the "issue
of doubt." Only know this, the reason that this [UFO Cover-Up] is in
place is because there is a well-funded, global network who will stop
at nothing to protect THAT secret. To my predecessors, you have my
respect. Challenge is not the word for this situation.

As to the point of "credibility," it should be made clear, from my
point of view, that people who have put their credibility in line
with my starcraft demonstrations, should be no less or no more
credible following my appearance. Why do I speak like this? Because
these people, notably Dr. Richard Boylan, were credible for many
years prior to my entrance. It is unfair to deny them what they have
so painstakingly earned for so many years because of one event. This
to me seems not unfair but immature. If a hen lays a hundred good
eggs and then one bad egg, should that hen be made into chicken soup?
Why do we so easily forget about the hundred good eggs? This is
Fourth World logic, and in time, if not now, you will understand what
I say to you.

My view then is see this situation in this manner, those who are in
full support and are fully committed to my "ridiculous" efforts are
in full knowledge of the truth about Star People, and about Star
Nations, and it is these people who should be relied on in the
future. When the starcraft appears, these people should be upheld in
the community as genuine friends of Star People and of Star Nations,
and should have global recognition of this true fact. The starcraft
should not affect their credibility.

Whose crediblity is really on line here? Well, that is the real
question. And I shall tell you all the answer to that question: me.
Talessian Namor, born Mario Sasso. It is my claim, my mission and my
responsibility. You want to blame someone, blame me (only there is a
huge line-up of people trying to destroy me so you'll have to take a
number.). I am fortunate to have support in this important mission
for the Cabal outnumber me 100:1. This seems fair to them. I
disagree. Neither should Star Nations be held accountable for this
situation, for they have given me everything I need, and more. So, I
repeat: I am 100% responsible for the starcraft demonstrations,
happening or not happening.

The starcraft demonstrations, to repeat, will be visible to the naked
eye, that is within the visible portion of the electromagnetic
spectrum. The visits will be "impossible-to-miss" visits, to one more
major metropolises, obviously with the current situation expect a
lower number of visits. The only people who will not see Isabella (in
the respective area) are the blind, those comatose, those sleeping,
or, those who were too busy to look up.

The starcraft is ready; I am getting ready. There are many things on
many levels happening at this time. In the future I can explain more
of this. Starcraft Isabella will appear, if she doesn't it will be
because I am no longer around to do it, but I will have given you my
best effort, that is my promise. I promise only that, my best effort.

Thank you for your continued patience, and may the Fifth World bring
us all that we require and no more.

In service to Source and Star Nations,
Talessian Namor (Mario Sasso)


?? whatever that is all about... it looks a bit... no, way too paranormal for me thanks


dont you know? this dude has retrieved the star craft Isabella from within the great pyramids and is going on a public demonstration that will help guide us into the 4th world or something... it shouldnt be much longer....



A military Man dressed as a civilian walked into the office of Major
Ed Dames on Sept. 5th about 1 pm. I saw this in a vision at the same
time therefore I interpreted it as real-time. Military Man hands Ed
an envelope and tells him, "There is a message for 'Starman'. You
will deliver it in 24 hours." Not exact words but that is what was
shared between them. Starman is what they call me. Never met these
people but I see everything because everything can be seen, even you
have to understand they have "blinded" my vision and hampered my
abilities with their scores of psychic dogs.

24 hours later I was in the middle of a very public area with lots of
people and digital cameras. I noted several presences viewing me,
including Cabal Ed. They realized that to kill me here would not go
over well. So it ended later about 8:30 or so and I walked alone over
Granville Street bridge, it was dark, no one around. Perfect.

The hitman Ed hired was a covert CIA operative, some kind of rogue
operative that is very disconnected from the CIA for solid
deniability and stuff like that. His name is John Bryce Howards (real
name, he has aliases), American, 42. He is a psychic assassin,
trained by the CIA and their special programs.

He used a psychic death blow to my head while I was walking over the
bridge. The death blow would have killed me but the blow was
intercepted by my star friends so I recovered, continued walking. He
struck again, same thing. It was intercepted, or deflected. I'm not
sure myself what happened. I know that it was a killer blow. I
recovered, continued, and he struck a third time. In baseball terms,
he struck out. Cabal are as incompetent as they are vile.

How do I know this? They didn't count on me surviving so many
strikes. But as you all know all knowledge exists and can be known.
With assistance from the wonderful Zetans I found out the details
that I required. Everything you do is recorded, everything. You can
not get away from that. All the bad things Cabal do is recorded and

How to defend against a psychic assassin? Don't have the answer yet.
There are many ways they can strike, be it to cause a heart attack,
which they have trying on me for many weeks. Try to cause you to have
a serious illness and to be hospitalized, they have been trying on me
for many weeks. After the psychic death blows I had another attacker
from D.C. who poisoned me, using a disguise of a Reptoid Star Being.
As you know there are not "bad" Star Beings so he masked himself in
the energy signature of a "reptoid" and then poisoned me (through
psychic pathways and into energy structure). I don't have all the
details. I am being hit by scores of things at any one moment, it is
hard to keep track and to stand up straight. Anyway, the poison was
also meant to kill.

Use the protective shields (metaphysical) to prevent any interference
into your own personality and to enable your own spiritual
progression. Trust and protect your thoughts for the Cabal tamper
with these all the time. Send out positive intention and believe that
you are protected by Source/God/Light at all times.

I share my experience to explain my situation. This is not your
situation. The best thing is for Lightworkers and all to no longer
stand alone and to UNITE, then you are strong then nothing can hurt
you unless you let it.

In service,


Friends and Star Kids,

I'm sharing (below) dialogue I had with Councillor For the Watchers about the Human-looking races within Star Nations.

RB: "I note that the rather Human-looking (from Earth perspective) star races, such as the Pleiadeans and Altairians, hardly ever get mentioned in Star Nations context.

Councillor For the Watchers (CFW):
"Those who are not mentioned often in our conversation are only unmentioned due to the lack of Ego Human attack on those Species. All Species within the Star Nations perform equally valued services. As Councillor Meata has previously outlines, each Species has unique skill sets allowing them to specialize in certain tasks assigned.
"Zeta are often mentioned in our communication as they are the primary Species relied upon for most energy related matters. There services to the Star Nations are a vital element allowing our services. If you will, they are the glue of our Star Nations."

RB: "Do these "Human-like" races play a minor part in Star Nations affairs? "

CFW: "No. Each Species brings with it vital contributions. Humans of Earth would not exist without the contributions of these. They continue to work alongside Human offspring as teachers. It is the same closeness any parental figure would employ. In addition to the closeness of service they offer Humans of Earth, these same Species have "many" other colonies established which are in different states of growth and development. Those colonies also contain species of Beings which contain what Humans would recognize as similar DNA."

RB: "Are the races from the Orion system and the Sirius system also 'Human-looking'?"

CFW: "Yes. Certain Species within those star systems do contain energy manifestation elements common to Human manifestation."


in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Pixel, is it just me, or does this stuff read like a bunch of BS?

Are you implying that you find value in these rants?

I'm just wondering...


no i do not. i am drawn to this group like a bad accident. i have to see how they get out of actually flying this starcraft around.