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Doty Episode listener roundtable!

Minny McNinny

Paranormal Novice
God dammit: some sniveling coward is logged into my account on another computer and is shit-posting all over the forums, and you guys keep quoting him so I can't delete it.

Please delete anything that you've quoted from me today.

Like I haven't got better ways to spend my afternoon than dealing with this...
No need to swear...

Thomas R Morrison

Paranormal Adept
DANG dude, tell us how it REALLY feels!
I dunno if you saw how bad it was, but it was really bad: this wicked little coward posted dozens of hateful posts all over the forum under my name, posted porn links as my home page, went through all of my private messages and harassed other members including Gene both publicly and privately. Imagine if the worst person you know got access to your account here and had hours of free time to leverage the opportunity against you and everyone else here to the hilt. That's what happened to me today.

When this happens to a top-level administrator, they'll be able to destroy the entire forum - delete members and threads, you name it.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I think we cleaned out most of it, but I asked Thomas to let me know if he sees any errant quotes that need to be zapped.

If any member has an idea of the name of the offending party, I can look it up and compare the IP numbers to the ones on Thomas' account during the time the bogus logins occurred, so we can put the offender's forum membership out of its misery.

Or confess now and open a conversation with me so I can consider the matter further.