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Croatia (1967)


Paranormal Maven
The object described here sounds very similar to a sighting I had at Garner State Park in Texas in the early 90's. It was a tetrahedral configuration of lights, flashing every color imaginable when it hovered. When it moved it would spin into a solid ball of light. A friend and I actually saw one (there were several others) land on a hill about a quarter mile away. On the ground it looked like a faintly glowing orange triangle...I couldn't tell if it was a cone or faceted...it almost looked like a teepee with a lantern inside of it. I flashed a light at it and the thing responded back with the same number of flashes. After about a minute it began strobing brightly, morphed into white ball of light and zipped off into the sky at impossible speed.


King of Mars
Here's best part of the documentay... it's in Croatian, so if anyone know the way I can dowload this file ... I'll do my best to translate it (subtitles) and post it back in this thread.


P.S. Just downloaded the file... it'll take some time but when done translating will post it back here. Keep an eye on the thread ;)