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Contact in Texas, 1967: The Lost UFO Photos

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Paranormal Adept
Alien abductions during UFO encounters - between the classics of Barney & Betty Hill and Travis Walton, there was one that's been forgotten. This Texas case involved photos, investigated by Project Blue Book and independently probed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Here's a long article on this peculiar case from the late 1960s that contains both some answers and some unsolved mysteries.

Contact in Texas: The Lost UFO Photos
Contact in Texas.jpg
Long - my goodness - assemble enough of these and you’ve got a book! Brilliant research work and written in an engaging manner. When is the book coming out btw? You’ve got a distinct vision of it all - just a thought.
Thanks for reading it and for your comments. Book? I’ve thought about it, but my style relies heavily on evidential illustrations, so I’ll stick with the present format for now.
Maybe a collection of related articles in PDF form would work, though.