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Cattle Mutilations: A More Balanced Perspective

Livestock branding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Question: With regard to cattle mutilations has anyone conducted research into potential relationships and similarities between livestock branding marks and symbols seen on UFO craft (Including those reported from Roswell)? Seem to be a strange coincidence between the symbols and markings?
I'm not sure how to do this so if I got the wrong thread, forgive me.

There has been a few shows where there were some questions about where the black helicopter rumors started. I remember meeting Michigan Mark Koernke at one in Sharonville, Ohio. He was selling black helicopter video tapes. This was before Jim Kieth's book and way before the articles by Popular Science magazine describing the black helicopters being used by the army in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I think it was he and his tape to spread the rumor. I was never sure if he was an op to cover the new army technology. There were rumor from the Patriot Movement that his prison time (unrelated to black helicopters) was to get him out of the operation. There were a lot of people who were believed to be part of co-intel at time. He would be an interesting interview though someone like Adam Golightly would probably need to do it or THIS AMERICAN LIFE.

On a side note, I knew a guy from the late 70s who was in Vietnam who told me of seeing black helicopters flying into Laos. He figured they were CIA units who were doing unauthorized action there and Cambodia.