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Butch Witkowski: Re-Investigation summary and results

Gene Steinberg

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Clearly his biography is a mix of reality and unreality. The 2011 investigation got some things right and others wrong. Both the Watchers and the Watchmen are to blame here. The audit uncovering what occurred in 2011 will continue to be updated as documents become available at the Tumblr site where it can be independently secured from funny business or a sudden 2 a.m. deletion.
I have no interest in preventing this material from being made public. So long as things don't become personal (which is a reason why a forum moderator might be involved), it'll stay here for as long as this forum exists (we're in our 14th year now).

But if Witkowski doesn't seem to be working actively to clear the record, why bother?


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
... if Witkowski doesn't seem to be working actively to clear the record, why bother?
He's got a gig going with Spaced Out Radio, so maybe his plan is to bury the past with a deluge of more recent stuff. Imbrogno still pokes his head up out of the whack a mole game now and then. Haven't heard much from Michael Horn ( the Eduard Meier Promoter ) lately, but Bob White and his "artifact" popped up a few months back as part of some obscure UFO conference.


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I have now received further documentation in the audit.

The entire charging sheet has now been posted in the current audit which is being safely hosted here: Credential Check: Ufologists / CTists.

This was information not revealed in the original, 2011 "investigation." It details what the theft convictions involved. Nine counts were part of an automobile fraud scheme where Sigmund S. Witkowski (still not concretely verified as "Butch" Witkowski) accepted payment for used cars he didn't actually have to sell. A tenth count involved the defendant accepting a $10,000 check to buy shares in a partnership with Lee Iacocca.

Again, sensitive information - such as social security numbers - have been redacted.

Preview -

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Skilled Investigator
At risk of defending Witko I will say this ... these ten counts were all part of a single criminal enterprise and he has no prior criminal record nor criminal record since. My assumption is that the Sigmund Witkowski named here, having previously had an auto body shop in Arizona go bankrupt, found himself in over his head when he opened a new one in Pennsylvania. With no access to credit, due to the previous bankruptcy, and in an effort to try to shift money around and forestall debt collectors he began soliciting payments for cars to which he didn't have access as a stop-gap and in the hope things would change within a month or two.

All together this strikes me as a case of a man in serious financial trouble who made a mistake, not a hardened criminal.

Of course, that doesn't make the UFO silliness legitimate, though.

I await to see what the military and police records requests reveal.