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Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera NEWS STORY- Real or Fake?


Paranormal Adept
I think it's because Halloween is approaching that I am getting these feeds. Real or Fake? ;) Obvious to me.

Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera NEWS STORY- Real or Fake?
TEXT: "Uploaded on Nov 21, 2010: Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost CAUGHT ON CAMERA BY NEWS REPORTER STATION STORY- Real or Fake?"


Paranormal Adept
Here is a longer version - the full report. :cool: As the poster says: "Duppy bax the yute inna the night MAD TING DAT"

"that is not FAKE, it 's REALLL!!!"

"If this little boy from a small town in Jamaica is acting he needs an oscar for the ability to be able to defy physics and gravity while acting. Really take a look at the part when he's getting his leg pulled by the spirit. If you know anything about physics, gravity and kinesiology (the study of human movement) then you too would consider it a great possibility that something is pulling on this boys body..."

You be the judge.....:cool:

CVM: Duppy beats boy (HIGHER REZ VIDEO)
TEXT: "Uploaded on Nov 19, 2010: CVM News : Duppy bax the yute inna the night, draw him foot and tump up him madda in har face."


Paranormal Adept
I just realized that I posted this in the wrong section. Gene (or someone) could you move the thread over to Ghost Stories?

Ghost Stories - I think that's the better place for it. :D

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
I do not get the impression he propels himself backwards when in the chair, nor do I think he is pushed by the woman. When standing at the wall, the only way I think it could have been faked is if there were a wire around his left ankle - but that would be a pretty risky thing to do considering the force and how thin the wire would have to be to not show up on camera. In both scenes I do not think the movement is caused by the boy but further than that who knows. Certainly interesting footage and if 2 scenes like this were displayed virtually on cue for the cameras, I wonder what could be shown if he was followed for a week. To be honest I'd think anyone that age would be crying with fear though?


FeralNormal master
If those were faked I'd say they were up to Hollywood standards (and Michael Jacksons) as far as the young boy's lack of fear I don't know how to respond to that , despite his young age perhaps it's happened enough and hasn't yet gotten real malevolent ( yet)maybe he's used to it.

If it was a fake they took an interesting course. What i mean instead of them setting up a paranormal event and them filming it...out of shear luck...and submitting it. they invited a film crew over. at least that's the impression I got. it was filmed by the TV crew whom I assumed would have done their due diligence, unless they were in on it.

It's interesting I think that the boy reports that it's a friend who died, not too surprising in that if this force were up to no good how better to indoctrinate itself into the boy's life then to appear as an old friend. I think though that the way this could work is similar to what the Theosophical practioners thought in that maybe such life forms(?) don't necessarily take the form of a trusted being intentionally but maybe have this impressed upon them by the percipient whether they want it or not. Maybe if that were me in the video I would see an acquaintance of my own and it would still act the same way .

If one had to put a label on such a thing maybe it would be closer to one of Paul Eno's "parasites"

It would be safe to assume that this video will bring about a whole batch of obvious faked videos though.
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Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
But remember Tina and this piece of journalism:

or all the other incredible performances whenever the journalists show up for young kids who are going through some kind of intense personal trauma which may include strong tensions with them and their ideological parents i.e. Anneliese Michel. There are so many examples of such performances from Gef on down to the evil duppy yankin' on this kid. IMHO it looks like he pushes the chair back and so then he's also responsible for his leg appearing to yank back. Anyone remember that kid whose guardian said her children were possessed by the devil and he started walking backwards up the wall in the emergency room? These stories have their own human patterns with really stressed kids at the centre of it most of the time.


I was really impressed by the leg yank at first, but having watched it again several times it seems less fantastic to me.

I actually think a kid with mad body-popping or moonwalking skills might be able to pull off that move quite easily.


Yep pretty hair raising and do we project this stuff through so called physic ability if real? Some type of force out there and if you don't believe/ ask questions it most likely doesn't show its self.


Paranormal Adept
It helps if you just watch one section of the video frame - like his legs when he is in the chair, or just his leg when he gets yanked near the wall. Especially with the latter, just focussing on that one sectional frame you 'see' how the rest is not that fantastical. As for the chair, I think there was someone pulling the chair from behind in some way - wire? rope? I don't see his leg do the push-off. I'd love to see his face in all of that - it looks to me like he's laughing, thinks it's funny, and isn't at all traumatized.

But what is interesting - and suspicious - is how close on top of him his mother is when the actions happen. Kinda odd. I think it's bogus - maybe to get publicity for some family, or community, business or something. That's pure speculation, of course. It looks like a set-up. Having some fun on a hot Jamaican night. :rolleyes:

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
The Endfield poltergeist gal couldn't stop herself from giggling either while interviewed and making her guttural voices. These are kids after all.