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Blind or Deaf Abductees???

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
Does anyone know of or have a memory of a case where an abductee was blind, deaf, mute, or had some other form of sensory abnormality?
None really come to mind.

I know of a case where the person was drunk, did mock karate chops at the greys, greys got mad, drunk blacked out, then woke up at his college campus lawn, or a mile from it in just his underwear.
Paranormal Packrat said:
None really come to mind.

I know of a case where the person was drunk, did mock karate chops at the greys, greys got mad, drunk blacked out, then woke up at his college campus lawn, or a mile from it in just his underwear.

Grey's or the football team? :D
Why do you ask? Do you know something, or are you trying to put together a theory, or what?
I'm not sure that aliens really know what they're getting into when abducting people.

I mean, if they came to my house to abduct me right now, they'd need a bigger ship, with a stronger tractor beam.

I tie myself to my bed these days. Not just for fun anymore either.

Okay--I'm trying, but I still don't get it.

When the aliens abducted the 79-year-old Brit, Alfred Burtoo, on 12 August, 1983, they asked him, "How old are you?" and had him stand under an amber light.

He replied, "I shall be seventy-eight my next birthday."

After a bit, one of them said to him, "You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purposes."

So, I'm not sure if they know the details of the abductees--that's probably why they start taking them at such an early age (around six).

Presumably, the abductees that have continuing experiences their whole life (or at least until menopause age) are either kept fit by the aliens, or are no longer taken once they are unfit for their purposes.

Keep in mind, women that have had tubal ligation and even hysterectomies have reported being pregnant after their abductions. I believe in at least one circumstance, a woman had a hysterectomy to prevent further abductions.

And, just a thought, I don't know that being blind or deaf would disqualify one for abduction. They seem to communicate telepathically, and when they make abductees learn mind "games", it seems to be a sort of virtual reality scenario that doesn't have to do with real sight or hearing.

I have thought before about "ASL" (Alien Sign Language), as I used to take signing lessons.

Suffice it to say that if you've never seen an alien, or at least a UFO, you don't need to worry about it.

If you haven't seen one, then either you aren't an abductee, or you can't remember your abductions, so you can continue to live in peace without worry.

If you have seen one, and you don't remember an abduction scenario, then the amnesia is working. And you can live in peace, but, maybe, worry.

Anything you experience over and above that is your problem.
gilbavel said:
Why do you ask? Do you know something, or are you trying to put together a theory, or what?

Kind of a theory on how they manage to render us so helpless. I need to do some more research but I will let you know more when I can wrap myself around it and provide some more basis for my thoughts.
According to Dr. David Jacobs, there have been no cases of blind or deaf abductions.

Click here for his appearance on the Paracast.

Here is his website.

I haven't heard too much about this guy, anyone know more?

Yeah, I've read every book he's published (but not his doctoral thesis, which is one of the 17 that Stanton Friedman always talks about), and so have probably most of the people here on the board.

He's generally negative about the alien agenda, and tends to think that abductees that go for the "space brothers" thing are either delusional, or being fed a line by the visitors.

I'll once again quote Dr. Karla Turner, "Abductees report alien-controlled information." I think Jacobs mirrors this thinking, to a degree.

So, what's with the starting a whole new thread, and then teasing us with the, "I'm forming a theory, I'll get back to you later sometime" thing? What a tease! Come on, at least give us a hint as to where you're going with this... :confused:
Well OK, but I do not have enough supporting information to really support my ideas here nor do I think I can aptly describe them at this point.

Basically, here it is in a nutshell.

Many abductees remember seeing an intense bright light, hearing some odd sounds, and smelling things. There is all this extreme sensory input and the added confusion of this not confirming to the acceptable reality that a person usually perceives. I am wondering if sensory overload can be calibrated to place us in a state resembling that of tonic immobility. This has most recently been demonstrated with Sharks of all sizes and dispositions.

Many Police departments and military research groups are studying ways to overload our sensory input as a part of the less than lethal initiative. For instance, super bright LED strobe flashlights can be employed to confuse and disorient a subject. In some cases when your sensory receptors are assaulted and overloaded you tend to loose the ability to think clearly and can perceive that time has sped up and that spatial relationships are perceived incorrectly. This concept has been practiced since the late 60's with the employment of the flash-bang grenade as used in assaults by militaries and police tactical teams.

But these implements assault very specific sensory organs in tandem to produce a desired result. But if the person has a deficiency or an absence of a given sensory input, these assaults loose efficiency. You can deal with a bright light by moving away, shielding your eyes or whatever. Typically, very loud sounds cause a person to want to stay still. Though, I have not been able to research this fully, I think that I read once that very strong smells overload your sense of hearing. So that if something is very foul smelling, very rapidly, you loose the ability to focus on a load sound generated at the same time.

Again, I am not really sure where I am going with this. Any feedback would be appreciated.
So, essentially, you're going with the MILABS theory? Just, they're getting more advanced in their technology?
No. I am just trying to figure out if there might be a more rational explanation for the control the beings seem to exhibit over humans, rather than mysterious mind powers and whatnot. If you look at the big 3 hypothesis for what they are, then intrinsic mind powers exhibited over humans makes little sense. Our brains work by biochemical and bioelectrical means. But, unlike a manufactured creation, there is no true cognitive congruency. Instead, our perceptions of the world around us are very subjective. We both know what an apple is. Yet, if our brains attributes where monitored while showing us both the same picture of an apple, our brains would display radically different activity in the process of identifying it. Sure, it might be the same region of the brain, but the neuro pathways (I am so not a biologist so I am not sure if this is the right terminology) would be completely different. This, in my opinion, would make mental telepathy a very hard exercise. I'm certainly not saying that it is impossible, rather improbable given the millions of species of life we currently know about and how they communicate.

Like I said, I really have not sorted out my feelings or theories about this. To be honest, I am just recently backing down from my strong ETH tendencies. I think we can mostly agree that a display of technology has been shown. So I guess you could say I am more comfortable with the nuts and bolts aspect regardless of the origin of the beings. As I think more about this, I guess this is my exploration into whether some sort of technology rather than mysticism could be responsible.

Anyway, enough of my babbling.
I think this is an excellent question - and would be useful in any interpretation of the data.

Not, for the value in formulating a theory of "mind control" - but would be a good control in deciphering whether it is a physical reality, that the original abilities or disabilities continue into the experience or whether the disabilities are mitigated in the experience (which would tend to suggest a dream-like state).

I would also extend this to other disabilities, even if abductee's are severely myopic? - and do they report blurred encounters or 20-20 vision?
As I understand it, the late Dr. Karla Turner was asking the same thing on whether cases have been found in which blind people were taken (perhaps also even deaf). That she hasn’t heard anything, but would love hear if any cases emerged. Of course then she died and I don’t know if anyone followed up – but still it seems like an important question.

In Dr. Jacob's first book "Secret Life" - he describes how suspiscious he became when the aliens "tested" an abductee by telling them to memorize a list of some sort and then stood back and stared into the eyes of the abductee. Pparently for Jacobs, the aliens were not interested in the list itself being memorized – but in the person doing the task. And later, he would describe in the same book the “mind scan” that the alien leader would do in most abduction accounts – get right up close and look straight into the abductees eyes for some reason, as if scanning the individual with its huge black eyes.

I think human eyes are important for aliens to use to manipulate us in some fashion, though I am not sure exactly how. I think, and I agree with Whitley Strieber here, that they are able to see our memories, our thoughts and emotions and use these to manipulate us – even what we see. This may sound far fetched but perhaps without the human physicial eyes, they are not able to access whats inside our heads?

Also, according to the 1st or 2nd issue of Journal of Alien Abduction Research, Elaine Douglas wrote that the aliens are interested in only those they can control, never mind those they can’t. (I think this is also the same reason why they won’t come down and meet leaders of the world – they are simply not interested in doing that and disclosing themselves-but thats an entirely other issue.)
Also - in addition to the discussion - I am in the process of reading Captured! (by Stanton Friedman and Kathy Marden) concerning the Betty and Barney Hill case, and there is a unique detail regarding Barney in which he gets out of the vehicle and walks a bit away from his car to determine once and for all what the strange craft was (Barney was irritated that he couldn't identify it and find an explanation for it) and as he brings up his binoculars and sees people on the the craft - he suddenly seized by a thought that they telepathically send out to him to "Keep looking". Barney is confused because he wants to run, but finds himself doing something altogether something different which was to keep standing there and looking through the binoculars. Finally, he opens his hand a bit and the binoculars fall and he is in control again and bolts for the car...and off they go.

I think something about the eyes or something related is how they manage to control some of us.
I was born profoundly Deaf and I am an Empath, I am searching for answers too. I believe my amnesia is working but my intuition is becoming stronger. It is evident that no one will help me and I get it. But I would like to know more.
In the book intrusion by Bob Mitchell, he speaks to a deaf abductee who had experiences. It is quite profound book and good read.
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According to Dr. David Jacobs, there have been no cases of blind or deaf abductions.

Click here for his appearance on the Paracast.

Here is his website.

I haven't heard too much about this guy, anyone know more?

There have been no REPORTED cases of blind or deaf abductions that hes AWARE of, but that isnt the same thing as blind or deaf abductions never happening. I don't know the answer, of course, just saying. They are a pretty small portion of the total population.