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Black Triangle: Jackson County, North Carolina (1986)

One more triangular thing with three red lights. The sighting finishes with an extreme maneuvre (cartwheel).:eek:

Go Here: UFO Examiner: Rural motorcyclist witness to massive triangle UFO
That drawing in the link is EXACTLY the appearance of the UFO I personally witnessed in Rowan County, North Carolina, in 1991. Black Triangle, three red lights in EXACTLY those positions. The one I witnessed was a bit higher up in the sky than 100 feet though.

It was witnessed by not only me, but my entire family, in our car. It was set in place in the sky (apparently not moving, or moving too slow that we didn't notice). It was totally silent. We watched it for several minutes, then drove down the road, then decided to drive back and look again, and it was gone.