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Banks & The New World Order


Paranormal Adept
Has anyone noticed that we seem to be stepping closer to a One World Government these days? With countries now stepping in and essentially seizing banks and nationalizing them, have you wondered what might happen if the government decides to close the doors of your local bank? I haven't read one line of concern anywhere about this. The citizens of this country are going to be paying for the next few generations in order to bail out a group of greedy bankers and politicians and fellow countrymen who can't manage their mortgages and credit cards. It seems all most of us are worried about is that the stock market can quickly turn around. I am afraid we have just sold our souls to a devil we can barely understand. Dave
Stick a fork in it...this goose is cooked.

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That is the problem right there! humans need to wake up fast, and realise other humans dont have your best interests at heart. It doesnt matter if they seem geniune, educated, or they have jobs of Authority. Humans will always screw over other humans. It is a extreme view, but look at our history!
Anyone remeber the scene in "Ghostbusters" when Bill Murray starts signing "Somebody's Coming?"

Yeah, it kinda like that.

Use what ever term you want to call it. Globalism, a new world order, or even use the Orwellian global "governence" angle as well.

It is upon us unless we all resist it.
The New World order what is that exactly? The world cant even get itself in order at this very moment, never mind starting a one global goverment.Our world is a world of greed and power always has been and always will,that will never change.

I cant see one nation ruleing all, but however i can see greedy men haveing more influence upon nations through the mask of democracy, totaltarism,socialism, George bush term in office was a perfect example of how greedy overpaid rich people take hold in society, beware the fraud!
Resistance is indeed futile, for we have already been assimilated we just don't realize it.

This is the appeal of conspiracy theories. If someone else is driving and we're just passengers, then we are not responsible for our fate. Believing otherwise obligates us to speak out, protest, etc. But if all is going according to the secret sinister plan, then we can just sit on our ass and watch.
This is the appeal of conspiracy theories.

How much of it is conspiracy theory really though? If you want to talk about microchips and prison camps and blood-drinking reptilians, then yeah that's all pretty conspiratorial I'll grant you (not to mention a little whacky).

But if the "conspiracy" is that an elite group of wealthy individuals controls things from behind the scenes then explain to me how that's different from observable reality? That's where I differ from most NWO "fighters": they see a diabolical conspiracy, I see the inevitable result of history.
But if the "conspiracy" is that an elite group of wealthy individuals controls things from behind the scenes then explain to me how that's different from observable reality?

Excellent point. In noting the emotional appeal of conspiracy theories I'm not exactly debunking their factual basis. And I agree with you that one need not dig for the real truth here -- it's all quite plain as day on CNN. As the joke says, conspiracy theorists aren't paranoid enough.

But as real as the conspiracy may be, I'm still compelled to act by my own conscience. I can't control what they do to me, but I can control my reaction to it.
I really would like to see discussions about digital currency. Other than speculators who can handle the wide swings in value, bitcoin seems to be mostly the province of money launderers.

Technically PayPal accepts bitcoin, though I have no idea how it works, but presume it is translated into regular money when people join The Paracast+.