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April 12, 2020 — Christopher O'Brien Returns!

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Except for working with Chris on his site and other matters, I haven't talked with him in nearly two years.

So it was a terrific reunion, as Chris held forth on his work for James Fox' film, "The Phenomenon," and the ongoing San Luis Valley Camera Project.

He'll be back.

On this weekend's episode of After The Paracast, we featured Australian UFO researcher Ben Hurle, President of Victorian UFO Action.

It was a great introduction to Ben and his group. He'll also be featured on the next episode of The Paracast.

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Paranormal Novice
Great show. Glad to hear such good progress Chris is making on the camera project. Good insight into the upcoming September 2020 (seems likely anyway) release of The Phenomena UFO documentary. Chris raised an intriguing potential for this documentary film, since it is the first real top tier serious UFO production with over a 1000 theater release, for it to have quite an impact and may be an unexpected lower case disclosure in a way... Interesting.

Curious reference to the elusive Ray Stanford... will he figure in The Phenomena documentary? And something to look forward to in a possible multi-part series using the (17tb if I remember rightly?) of surplus footage and interviews left over from the making of the documentary film. The potential here is truly staggering. If done competently. Chris is so right (over the many years) in continually highlighting the need for competent investigative pieces on the UFO subject matter. Every TV show dealing with the subject... that I have ever gone out of my way to watch or "sample"... has been utterly abysmal in being just pulp entertainment in my opinion.

The withering away of Bigelow from the "scene" was aptly highlighted too. When all is said and done one can't help but wonder "what was that all for Mr. Bigelow?" All findings locked up propriety and disappeared into the black vault somewhere never to see the light of day. Satisfied the curiosity of one man at least.

Minor gripe: Shame the first 4 segments are spent spinning their wheels on Covid-19. Tsk tsk Randall 😀