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5 Giant Creatures Caught on Tape


Paranormal Novice

From unknown sea creatures to a mysterious creature caught on camera in Russia, this video takes a look at the top 5 giant creatures that have been caught on tape. When we think of giant creatures we typically think of fictional ones like Godzilla, but do giant mysterious creatures exist in real life? What do you think?


piscator ψ
ahhh megladon!

The shark shown in the the Mariana trench is probably a sleeper shark, not a Megaladon.

The teeth and jaw are wrong for a Megaladon.

Here are Sleeper shark teeth:

Megaladon teeth:

Some evidence suggests that Megaladon was still around 10,000 years ago, so I would not be suprised if two or three survived longer If they can live to 500 years old then that is only 20 generations ago.
But I don't think it would look like what is shown in the video, I think it would be closer to a Great White in form and behaviour.