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44 Pages and counting...

Close the Billy Meier Thread?

  • Yes Please - it serves no further purpose...

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  • No Thanks - I like repeating myself until I'm blue in the face...

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Skilled Investigator
I see what you mean.

I'm going to play devil's advocate here for a minute. Let's all assume for a minute that Billy Meier did indeed hoax everything and that his whole intention was to deceive a lot of people for whatever nefarious reason he might've had in mind.
The '?' appears in the page HTML, so it's not a browser issue. IAC, it's quite common. I've seen it on many sites, boards and regular web pages alike.

question marks replace apostrophes

In some cases the problem stems from cutting and pasting from MS Word. The actual difficulty is hard to trace without examining the post text before it's processed by the MySQL software, i.e., as it's received.


Skilled Investigator
Even though we all know that reproducing fake photos will not prove anything, MH goes around with the same old song "no-one has reproduced meier's photos" then again what will that prove? "NOTHING" But it's ok that he is saying that because it proves that he is just using some tactics to keep the hoax alive and keep the sales flowing.

MH, change the song please, you are boring.

Ben Harris reproduced the meier's photos and effect 1986-1990 (page 8 to 11)

Herbert Runkel, Bernd Johann, and Thomas Klingler reproduced the meier's photos and effect 1996

IIG's reproduced the meier's photos and effect May 2003

BILLY MEIER DEBUNKED UFO IMAGES copyright2004anthonywharton

Alan Friswell reproduced the meier's photos and effect June 2005 (check the 3 pages)
Fortean Times Magazine | The world of strange phenomena

jritzmann reproduced the meier's photos and effect 2006
http://theparacast.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16&page=51 or http://www.carbonchamber.com/bm/?thumb=1

MH keep saying "IRREPRODUCIBLE"??? still in present days. Proven he is a liar 100%.
I wonder what his followers think when they see things like this or when they see he uses copyright photos from others to make money and yet he calls people that uses meiers photos dishonest!!! Then again his followers which are like 2 or 3 people may be just his helpers in promotion as I presented in the other post. 5 different ufo forums in one day making a thread about the samething (just copieng and pasting) can't be a believer. But a helper,minion or himself. Like he says in all forums "it helps the sells"

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
The Hawk said:
The apostrophes as question marks show up in all 3 of my browsers on most of his posts: IE, Opera and Firefox..
Maybe it's some default thing in Windows I have.


So his posts on that page don't show question marks in weird places?
Other people's posts show normal use of apostrophes and question marks.
I'm not trying to make Horn look like a weirdo for this I'm just a bit confused.

I relooked and see both , and 's at the thread you provided. At the time that thread was active and I was reading it, I was using a Mozilla browser I think. I am on IE now.


Skilled Investigator
"MH keep saying "IRREPRODUCIBLE"??? still in present days. Proven he is a liar 100%."

The claim of "IRREPRODUCIBLE" that MH makes describes a main aspect of the majority of Billy Meier's photo's that all the other attempts to recreate this condition ultimately crash when examined. And it's easy to understand why. Anytime something fake is held up to something genuine the truth can be easily seen. Maybe not by the casual observer, but an expert (without any bias) will see the details with the tools of their trade and through a series of differing techniques catalog the pro's and con's of each type. At the end of his research, the columns are added up or each discovery is given a number of importance according to relevance to the issue being studied and tallied. With a selection of several examples of fakes (admitted attempts at reproducing Billy's photo's) and an equal number from a cross section of Billy's many UFO pictures, the only result that can come out is the truth.

The many attempts at replicating the level of quality in most of Mr Meier's photo's fail when it becomes time to look at the details available in either example. Under the scope of digging into the pictures for the evidence that proves or disprove the claims made by either side, enough of Billy's photo's pass the true rigorous tests to be held as unexplainable phenomenon. Do all his pictures pass the scrutiny of these test, no. Allow the ones that pass with the perfect scores to become the ones we discuss. Of course all the ones that have question marks still hanging on them should be set aside and left alone.

The attempts at replicating can be good from a normal perspective, but not once they are examined by true experts. Some of Billy's shots are mind boggling and the experts can only say that the picture is a real picture, but of what they cannot say. The method of destroying someone's credibility with a single example of a possible discrepancy is weak and not on a level with a true scientific methodology. To say that Billy's story is all a fraud and has been exposed as all fabrication only exposes the person who makes that statement as someone either short sighted, agenda driven, jealous, or trying to be an authority on the subject without the desire to to do any of the necessary research. The length of Billy's contacts, the physical evidence, the prophetic material and the man himself makes this a hugh project that can't just be swept away by some simplistic method we see here and at other sites that maintain a position claiming Billy is a fraud.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
Has anyone ever confirmed what exactly Wendelle Stevens went to prison for? His felony? I've looked around and never could get anything other than what could be just rumors.

Can someone throw me a link to some detailed info. on these tree experts MH speaks of?

I've noticed MH uses the fact someone hasn't visited Billy's farm against their work, but at the same time, MH won't put effort into coming off with negatives, metal samples, notarized docs etc. He raises the bar for others, lowers it for himself and even then doesn't even jump through a lot of the time.

I have a list of counter arguments to use against his tactics. I've listened to him enough to know what he is going to say. I think he isn't aware of his double standards and that keeps him thinking the "evidence" for his case is good. He also appeals to "authority" a lot and that is a logical fallacy. Especially when the other side has their experts who say the opposite of what his experts say. In the end it becomes favoritism and bias.

Some day I might go through piece by piece and with every point he makes, I'll use his standards and tactics towards him and demonstrate the hypocrisy and double standards he suffers from. Example, if he throws ad hominems at Korff or Jeff, throw one at Dillettoso, but back it up with references that prove what is said about Dillettoso is true so one can see for themselves. MH tactics can be used to prove himself wrong often enough, which I find funny.


Skilled Investigator
According to Jim Moseley:

Not mentioned at the "roast" was Wendelle Stevens' severe legal troubles back in 1985, when he began serving a five year prison sentence related to sexual misconduct with underaged females. This story was carried as an exclusive in the August 25th, 1983 issue of "Saucer Smear", and therefore won't be repeated here. Stevens still claims that he was framed by the CIA because of his UFO activities, but we have heard from various sources that his prison years were his most productive in regard to output of UFO-related material!

Wendelle Stevens is a very pleasant, likeable sort of fellow, and we enjoyed the opportunity to get to know him better. We had a private conversation with him lasting over an hour, and came away with the impression that his worst fault may be an exceptionally loose grasp of Reality. But this isn't really unusual in the UFO field!
Saucer Smear, March 20th, 1998

Outside of UFO/Meier-related sites, there's nothing on it.


Skilled Investigator
"The claim of "IRREPRODUCIBLE" that MH makes describes a main aspect of the majority of Billy Meier's photo's that all the other attempts to recreate this condition ultimately crash when examined"

Please show us when that examination happened and when it crashed. As everyone always ask MH to present a negative or an original photo too in order for them to do it. Will never happen! Doesn't bother you that MH can just go to billy's and get a little metal which he still have and end this one for all? But guess what he will never even try that, wonder why? lol

But what you wrote always seems to happen when meier's photos are examined, David Biedny and others have showed the "ultimately crash from meier's photos". Sorry : from meier's "Lithograph" in better words.
Yeah you read it right, the case even doesn't have real photos.

You speak of "Under the scope of digging into the pictures"
Are you even aware that no such thing was ever done to meier's original photos? they analized photos of photos of photos not originals.

In that case is necessesary to do the same with the replicas, and take like the 10th generation of the photos and it will be the same results as meier. Fair wouldn't you say?

Btw lets say for the love of god that you still believe all that crap about meiers and his obviously faked photos, can you explain to us the photos he copied from paintings (dinosaurs), tv screen (suppostly aliens), future SF earthquake (from a magazine). I thought so. lol

MH, always say the replicas has to be done with not modern equiment, (Done already), but he never talks about that if an analysis is to be done then, it also can't be done with modern equiment. As meier's photos never were examined with modern equiment either, eh an examination with old equiment was never done also to an original yet to a "Lithograph" geez

and changing the subject to the suppostly "Predictions" will not work this time either. May I call you "CUSTOMER"?

Billy Meier's Predictions trashed

What is next? I got more just in case but I will not follow the game this time, this was about the photos and saying it has not been done which is a lie. Remember the suppostly examination of the meiers photos was never done to an original or a negative, doesn't that bother you a little bit in your meier's believe?

Ben Harris reproduced the meier's photos and effect 1986-1990 (page 8 and 11)

Show us the examination to this one. I thought so!!