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1993 weird Phenomen


Paranormal Adept
You have doubted my story ask me questions about it be civilised be a man not a debunker just becomes it doesnt go with your theories on the subject


Skilled Investigator
Well, you pretty much read my question all wrong. I'm an experiencer myself of many weird phenomena, so I have no reason to call you a liar.

Indeed, my question was pretty simple: Was it the Northern Lights you saw? The way you described it it sounds that way.

If you are well used to seeing the Northern Lights, then you would be able to say that what you saw was something else entirely. If you have never seen them, then it's worth checking into.

Honestly, you took me off guard, because I'm about the opposite of a debunker.

How anything in my simple question could be construed as uncivilized or un-manly is beyond me. I would save your hostility for someone else.


Skilled Investigator
Graphmancer has always been polite and opened minded. Start reading other posts and you will see that he doesn't just randomly attack people. Try to chill and not be so defensive.


Paranormal Adept
I do apologise but the way you phrased your reply to me seemed to me to discard what i saw northern lights is not a known phenomen in Ireland this happened in the west of the sky my friends saw it too ,So i know it wasnt something i saw on my own what it was i dont know, It could be some type of earth phenomen i just dont know i dont have any answers for what it was:)


Paranormal Adept
I looked up the Northern lights and looked through a number of websites about it what i saw has no resemblance to what i saw in those websites but i do understand what graphimancer was trying to say these northern lights are a strange phenomen but it was definately not what i saw:question:


Paranormal Adept
The year was 1993. It was a summers day, july, i was sixteen at the time me and three of my friends Brian,Anthony,Edward decided to sleep out in a local field. it was a great day.
Being the weather being so hot that day we decided we didnt need tents sleeping bags would suffice being young and stupid this seemed exciteing to us.
I got my sleeping bag and a small amount of food mainly two cans of tinned rice and a couple of sandwich's my mother gave to me.

She told me to come home, if it started raining?
Irish weather is funny like that, and to look after myself and dont do anything stupid.

I met the lads out the back of my house at around seven in the evening.I aint too sure to be exact was it seven, but it couldnt not have been more than eight.
It only took about five minutes to get to this field, the local soccer pitch was pretty close to this field as well.
We layed down our sleeping blankets, and sat on them we started chatting about girls and school and all types of other stuff going on in our live's.
I gave one of the lads some of my rice, i had brought a tin opener from home to open the cans of rice. The lads also had food.

Being summer in Ireland it takes till around eleven to starting getting really dark where my experience started was probably close to around ten or a little after.

All of us where laying down chatting and stareing up at the sky. It was still between light and getting towards darkness, suddenly out of the blue and it only seemed to me to be a certain portion of the sky.

It is strange how to describe it started flashing a blue colour. It was like the sky was going through a electronic shock not thunder! pulsating rapidly we where in shock.

I siad lads do you see that? yea they siad. Suddenly a "red" beam it was like a ruler shape, pure flat Zipped into my line of sight, then two "green" ones, all the same shape to me at least, and a "blue" one.
This one freaked us all out, because it stopped then on in the pulsating blue background, and suddenly morphed into a blue ball shape from a ruler time shape, weird i know!

It stopped death on in the sky for about ten to fifteen seconds within that electronic charge of the sky.
All our mouths where open. Suddenly in a flash. It zipped of towards the others, i think it changed its shape again, but i honestly cant be too sure i was still in shock, and it happened very fast.
The sky after about five or ten seconds was back again to normal. What it was i probably will never Know.[/quote]

Hi GSB you seemed to show a interest in my encounters?.. so i decided to edit one of my encounters for you. When i wrote it first, it was slightly hard to read i hope this is better for you.


Nothin' to see here
Interesting story.

Good work on the english. If I remember correctly your english was quite hard to read just a few months ago, so youre doing pretty damn well. I couldnt even tell you were a 2nd hand english speaker - it just seems like someone who is a slightly lazy forum writer (that was a compliment!)

So good work;)


Paranormal Adept
Thanks for the compliment. I learn pretty quick, this forum has been good, i learned to improve my english by watching others. I speak geailge as my native language but i use english and french for my job. Someparts of Ireland dont use english, so i had to learn it pretty quick for employment purposes since europe and america, do i lot of stuff in english rather then my native tongue if you not what i am saying?

I Speak English better than i write it lol.


There is no spoon
Whats on telly in the areas where there are only Irish speakers? do they have subtitles?

I'm still struggling to understand what your describing though my Irish friend. Was it beams of lights in the sky? or was it solid craft?


Paranormal Adept
We have four stations based in Ireland, that are Irish. Three of those tvs stations do programmes in English, the other one does programmes that are mainly Irish, and to be honest most tv is made up of shows from America, England, And other nations EG... SKY TV i guess you know what i mean. Subtitles would be used mainly by the Irish station it be too much, and probably too expensive to subtitle everything.

Hoff i cant tell you if it was solid or not, because that is impossible for me to tell, from where i was laying down.It looked like lights but very bright, red, green and blue was there colours...They where dead straight like a ruler you would use for work in school ! However the blue one changed shape,why it changed to a ball shape, dont ask me, it beyond my understanding.

I saw know solid craft Hoff just what i saw.. beams of light that where flying very fast...only for the blue sky pulsating, and the blue light stopping within that pulsating sky, we could have missed the whole event. Those beams of light where going at some speed. I say they done maybe two miles or three miles within three seconds and they where gone.


Paranormal Adept
When i say blue sky, i mean there was know blue sky, before this happened, the blue sky probably lasted know more then thirty seconds, give or take a few seconds, and it was gone it almost felt like it was never there. I cant really describe it to be honest withount sounding stupid.I am trying to picture it in my head, i see it, but it is not as vivid, as it used to be in my memory.

It was almost like the sky was haveing an electric shock, if that makes any sense to anyone.Like it almost seems to me that the sky was being zipped with such much power that it was causeing this reaction. I really dont know, i can describe it any better, it beyond me sorry.