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  1. loki467

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs Terms Thought Should Not Be?

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs_________________________ Terms Thought Should Not Be?________________________ OK, so I suppose we have to have a conversation about these two things, the term UFOs “Unidentified Flying...
  2. The Starman

    Angel's hair is another mystery of the UFO

    Already since the advent of Ufology, some extraterrestrial artifacts have been searched for, to prove that the Earth is actually visited by aliens. One such artifact has become famous and, hunted everywhere. The material is called, "angel's hair". This term in ufology subculture, has nothing to...
  3. Christopher O'Brien

    Elongating That Peak Experience?

    Extended time for a DMT flash? Sounds cool to me! I wonder where you sign up to be a test subject? New Approaches to Scientific DMT Research