1. Tim Swartz

    Northern Lights, Interesting Photo

    This is interesting. I took a four minute exposure-astrophotography shot with my Pixel phone Friday night to show the setting moon with the northern lights around it. Time was 11:20 PM Eastern, South-West Indiana. The astrophotography feature will take a long term exposure still image and a...
  2. 1stEarthBattalion

    Photo of UFO taken down in Nick Pope's office when he worked at MOD

    OK here is the newspaper article from nick Poe that mentions this picture , and the fact that he says his Boss took down the Photo in his office. Then we have an article about the original negatives being lost by the MOD (its a good read) 'Best' UFO Picture Ever, the Calvine Photo, Found After...
  3. Thomas R Morrison

    A recent UFO case with iPhone photos and video

    Here’s a fun recent case that I heard about in a recent interview with Jeff Krause, State Dirtector of MUFON Southern California, which features two photos and a 21-second video clip taken by a 9-year-old girl using her aunt’s iPhone looking out the car window. First she took this photo: And...
  4. ISS Ufo Watch

    Massive Structures Found On Moon!