1. 1stEarthBattalion

    Photo of UFO taken down in Nick Pope's office when he worked at MOD

    OK here is the newspaper article from nick Poe that mentions this picture , and the fact that he says his Boss took down the Photo in his office. Then we have an article about the original negatives being lost by the MOD (its a good read) 'Best' UFO Picture Ever, the Calvine Photo, Found After...
  2. Thomas R Morrison

    A recent UFO case with iPhone photos and video

    Here’s a fun recent case that I heard about in a recent interview with Jeff Krause, State Dirtector of MUFON Southern California, which features two photos and a 21-second video clip taken by a 9-year-old girl using her aunt’s iPhone looking out the car window. First she took this photo: And...
  3. ISS Ufo Watch

    Massive Structures Found On Moon!