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Northern Lights, Interesting Photo

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Tim Swartz

Staff member
This is interesting. I took a four minute exposure-astrophotography shot with my Pixel phone Friday night to show the setting moon with the northern lights around it. Time was 11:20 PM Eastern, South-West Indiana.

The astrophotography feature will take a long term exposure still image and a looped mp4 of the entire 4 minutes.

Look at the center right of the shot and you can see a bow-shaped something slowly flying by. I didn't see it in the sky while shooting, and it is moving very slowly compared to the stars and moon. It can't be a flock of birds as it barely moves the entire four minutes.

It isn't a plane as I have other shots from last night and the planes are streaks of light. It's not a defect in the lens or chip as it only showed up in this one shot.

I'm not saying it's a UFO, but I don't know what it is.

Also, checked my planes and satellite app and nothing was in that part of the sky (northwest) at that time. The ISS flew overhead a little later that evening, but I was able to clearly see it and it crossed the sky fairly fast.

Since the four minute video is only about a second, I have looped it to about 10 seconds in length. I have also attached a close-up still of whatever it is.