1. drewc

    Space Oddities

    When I watch the films and videos that were recorded during the Various NASA missions from Apollo through ISS, I think to myself that there is no way all 0f these moving objects can be ice particles, meteors, or space junk. I'm quite sure that MANY of them are attributable to those things, but...
  2. drewc

    Aliens on the moon

    I am very interested in the idea that extraterrestrials have now or have had at some point in time a presence on our moon. There seems to be a lot of evidence for this theory. Scientists have expressed an interest in exploring the moons of other planets in our solar system, such as Europa...
  3. ISS Ufo Watch

    Structures Captured On The Moon On Apollo 14 Video

  4. ISS Ufo Watch

    Moon Mysteries

  5. ISS Ufo Watch

    Massive Structures Found On Moon!

  6. universeseeker

    Strange U-form on the moon mysteriously changes location. anyone any explanation ?

    Two images taken during the apollo 17 misson are showing a white u-formation on the surface of the moon. The two images are posted on the NASA Flickr account next to each other. There is a date , but not a time available from when the images were taken. But apparently, the u-formation changed...