1. drewc

    Space Oddities

    When I watch the films and videos that were recorded during the Various NASA missions from Apollo through ISS, I think to myself that there is no way all 0f these moving objects can be ice particles, meteors, or space junk. I'm quite sure that MANY of them are attributable to those things, but...
  2. ISS Ufo Watch

    Latest Space Station Ufo Sighting
  3. ISS Ufo Watch

    Different Shaped Ufo's Spotted During Space X Docking

  4. ISS Ufo Watch

    Several Ufo's Changing Direction And Speed During Space X Dragon Docking

  5. ISS Ufo Watch

    UFO Change Direction During Spacewalk 2017!

  6. ISS Ufo Watch

    Massive Structures Found On Moon!

  7. ISS Ufo Watch

    Cigar Shaped Object Passing By The Space Station

  8. ISS Ufo Watch

    UFO Flying Towards Earth!!! 2015
  9. ISS Ufo Watch

    1000% real UFO at the ISS!!