1. Christopher O'Brien

    Can Evolution Have a ‘Higher Purpose’?

    Article HERE: By Robert White/New York Times "About 25 years ago, a conversation between me and one of the greatest biologists of the 20th century took a weird turn. "I was talking to William D. Hamilton, who was famous for coming up with the theory of “kin selection,” which explains patterns...
  2. Christopher O'Brien

    [LMH's] "...most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, & shocking revelations on the Alien Reality!"

    [I haven't heard of some of these claims. I'm going to try and carve out some time to listen to this. Don't ask me why... Anyone else want to listen and review? —chris] "...21 May 2015 'Join Dark Journalist for the return of acclaimed Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and Star of...