1. Thomas R Morrison

    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    We’ve been hearing a lot of talking points from the Reframing the Debate folks in recent months, and this week’s Paracast was no exception. Susan Demeter-St-Clair is an engaging and charismatic speaker, but in my estimation her logic kept going off the rails when she presented many of the...
  2. Thomas R Morrison

    The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis : Fact and Fallacy

    To date, the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is not only the most scientifically and logically defensible explanation for the class of observations commonly known as “ufo sightings" (and it's a hypothesis that we've seen grow more probable over the decades as we've acquired more and better...
  3. Thomas R Morrison

    UFO: Explanations vs. Applications

    I’ve noticed a fairly strong bias against the extraterrestrial hypothesis lately, so I’d like to have a clear conversation about the various proposed explanations for ufo sightings, and also pose an argument for something that I feel is even more important. Namely, the eventual application of...