don ecker

  1. Randall

    Don Ecker Is Back !

    Don Ecker became interested in the UFO question in 1966, when along with several other people he was witness to a sighting of the enigma. “It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I realized then that there was much more to this than the authorities were letting on.” After graduating...
  2. Christopher O'Brien

    The Inside Story of Disney’s Mythic UFO Documentary and Conference:

    Article HERE: by Robbie Graham/Mysterious Universe In 1995, an intriguing documentary was broadcast on TV stations across the United States. It was titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland and supposedly was produced with the sole purpose of promoting Disneyworld’s then-new...
  3. ChrisJohnsen

    The Loquacious Don Ecker on This Week's Gralien Report

    The always-entertaining Mr. Don Ecker is the special guest on this week's episode of the Gralien Report w/Micah Hanks. As usual, Don does not disappoint. He offers up his unvarnished opinions on a host of legacy characters from the conspiracy theory and UFO worlds. A very enjoyable episode...