1. Hotkafka

    Contact Stories Podcast

    I got the greenlight from Gene and Randall to post a link to a show we're beta testing for a possible to pitch to our network. The show's called, "The Other One." It's a movie-like podcast that deep dives true contact stories. We do music-centric docudramas - episodes clock in around 20...
  2. loki467

    Any abductees want to share your experiences with me?

    Hello my name is Tarl, i am attempting to speak to any alien abductee, its kinda hard to find someone to speak to about there experience due to me not being apart of an organization such as mufon. i would love to speak with anyone who has had an experience and will show the upmost respect and...
  3. The Starman

    Alien contacts / critical point of view

    At the press, at least earlier, it was quite often spoken about human contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Some people interested in contacts with aliens are unconditionally confident in any information provided on this topic, another part is skeptical about this information. So, let's look at...
  4. Mulvaney

    Ruwa and its Message

    The recent appearance of one of the Ruwa schoolchilden, Emily Trim, at the last IUFOC and the subsequent conference discussion on Robert Sheaffer's BadUFOs blog made me think more about the incident. I don't want to get into whether the event involved Alien craft - primarily since we may...
  5. Thomas R Morrison

    Daniel Fry - Contactee?

    I'm looking for evidence against the claims of Daniel Fry, the 50s-era contactee(?). Specifically I'm hoping that some of the members here can cite sources that provide a factual basis to refute Fry's contact story. Because I've been studying this case for nearly 20 years - the physics...