1. The Starman

    Abduction anatomy

    In ufology, this term, "abduction," is called when human is/are taken inside the UFO's. Usually abduction takes place without the abductee consent, against his will, but without the use of physical force. Usually this happens as if during the trance, the person himself enters the UFO...
  2. The Starman

    Alien contacts / critical point of view

    At the press, at least earlier, it was quite often spoken about human contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Some people interested in contacts with aliens are unconditionally confident in any information provided on this topic, another part is skeptical about this information. So, let's look at...
  3. A

    ALIEN CAUGHT ABDUCTING CAT - REAL Grey Alien Caught on Tape

    Is this a real video of a grey alien caught on tape abducting a cat? What do you think? You have probably heard of countless stories of humans getting abducted, but what about pets such a cats? This video appears to show a grey alien taking / abducting a cat, but the real question is if the...