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    On the Show — Kevin D. Randle

    Richard, we'll ask, but first I want to know... Have read his book from 2016, Roswell in the 21st Century?
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    Sad News about Thomas R. Morrison

    Thomas R. Morrison, a ufologist, Paracast forum member, and guest on the show, died unexpectedly this month. His obituary has not been printed yet, but Thomas' sister posted a public notice on Facebook: "My little brother...
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    On the Show — Jerry Clark

    Maybe I’m disqualified from saying so, but I thought this was a very enjoyable and educational show. I was a bit surprised by Jerry Clark’s optimism about the future of UFO research and investigations. Many old-timers think we’re seeing history repeat itself. Jerry however, thinks we’re on the...
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    Classic UFO Cases Reexamined

    On the Jan. 16 show, guest Jerry Clark talks a bit about controversial UFO pioneer Ray Palmer, so this article ties into that. Science fiction magazine Amazing Stories Sept. 1944 featured Robert Moore Williams’ “Star Base X,” a WWII story about a teardrop-shaped UFO, a spaceship flown by alien...
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    On the Show — Fearless Cohost Roundtable with Curt Collins and Tim Swartz

    Here are some links relating to some of the topics discussed during the roundtable: Three relating to UFO physical injury cases: Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Is Analyzing Anomalous Materials From UFO Crashes Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Is Analyzing Anomalous Materials From UFO Crashes...
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    Classic UFO Cases Reexamined

    Many of our concepts about UAPs have a long history and are not always based in scientific observation. Shortly after flying saucers mystified the world in 1947, but one San Francisco man said he had the answer. Saucers were spaceships from another world, back after many centuries to check on...
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    Classic UFO Cases Reexamined

    Rather than start new thread for each update, I'll use this one to announce new articles at STTF. The Saucers That Time Forgot presents a collection by Claude Falkstrom: newspaper photos and ads and published between July and September 1947, using UFOs as "clickbait."...
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    Facts About the Day the Earth Stood Still

    Here's my 2017 article discussing the "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and the science fiction stories that influenced it. One of them was a short story "The Outer Limit" by Graham Doar, first published in a mainstream magazine, then adapted several times as a radio drama. UFOs, Hollywood & The...
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    Contact in Texas, 1967: The Lost UFO Photos

    Thanks for reading it and for your comments. Book? I’ve thought about it, but my style relies heavily on evidential illustrations, so I’ll stick with the present format for now. Maybe a collection of related articles in PDF form would work, though.
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    On the Show — Skeptic Mick West

    The Big Lie, like the way Hitler described it, or did you have another meaning?
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    Contact in Texas, 1967: The Lost UFO Photos

    Alien abductions during UFO encounters - between the classics of Barney & Betty Hill and Travis Walton, there was one that's been forgotten. This Texas case involved photos, investigated by Project Blue Book and independently probed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Here's a long article on this peculiar...
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    Classic UFO Cases Reexamined

    The UFO photographs Dr. J. Allen Hynek described as authentic in 1967 caused a media frenzy. Project Blue Book, the Invisible College, the Condon UFO Study, and CIA photo analysts were involved in the investigation. Despite what was proven, case closed as: "insufficient data." A snapshot of UFO...
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    On the Show — Bryce Zabel

    You'll enjoy the show even more if you submit a question for him!
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    Restoration of infamous Joe Pyne talk show

    Here's an article that discusses Jim Moseley's appearance on the Joe Pyne show: The Lost Creek Saucer: Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist Here's a short clip from the show itself.
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    The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Before UFOs: the Prophecy of Frederick Hehr

    Trajanus, Erich von Däniken's notorious book was written and published in 1968. But, it's not central to the discussion, only mentioned only in passing to emphasize that the earlier contribution of Frederick Hehr. By now you've had a chance to read the article and examine the evidence. Hehr is...