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    Dr Greer´s core team leaves him

    Some times I just want to smash myself in the face repeatedly with a large oversized comedy frying pan. Then after, lay down on the cold floor and sob for a few hours wile I slowly wet myself.
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    richard hogland's new insane therory

    It's the first thing I thought as soon as I saw the image. ;) Interesting.
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    The Day I died (Documentary)

    Could consciousness exist outside of the brain. Could it be what we refer to as the mind? Many people have experienced NDE's from all walks of life, it is hard to dismiss all as illusion. I find the subject a very interesting one, but I agree, one must always approach any topic like this with a...
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    RIP Kevin Smith

    Shocking news, like many Kevin was one of the first shows I started listening to. :(
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    The Skinwalker Ranch Movie to Open Theatrically and on VOD in October

    Fingers, toes crossed. You better cross legs as well, just in case. ;)
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    Remember the under Baltic Sea UFO shaped thing?

    I was bored, so I decided to jump right into YouTube and I fell right over this.. Feedback anyone. Strange Pieces From The Baltic Sea
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    John Titor: American time traveler. And other thoughts.

    Maybe the guy who made these videos is actually John Titor did you think about that one eh!? And, he has made these videos to confuse us. I'm off to make a YouTube video. Now where did I put my webcam. :)
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    UFO Sits In Skies Of Northern Ireland? Real or Not?

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind for a next time if I find some thing, I will post it there.
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    John Titor: American time traveler. And other thoughts.

    I'm currently in the kitchen smashing myself repeatedly in the face with a large frying pan. For my next trick I am going to eat my computer monitor. I really did try to watch the whole video, but the way the guy was waving his hands around kept making me loose balance.
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    1964 "space man" pic

    Ah the Cumberland Spaceman / Blue Streak Incident. A very interesting account or some thing very strange. You might find this website of some interest. :)
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    UFO Sits In Skies Of Northern Ireland? Real or Not?

    It was capture in Northen Ireland. I did look to see if there were any other videos that showed the same object captured by a different people, but no luck, so far... Yea, it's a shame You Tube is so polluted. Anyway, thank's for the feedback.
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    UFO Sits In Skies Of Northern Ireland? Real or Not?

    Just looking for some feedback on this clip.
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    University professor to study life after death

    I hope you will enjoy this lecture by Peter Fenwick - Toward a Science of Consciousness - Stockholm 2011. He talks about studies carried out of death bed visions and visitors who visit the dying before and at the point of death.
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    See my above post...
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