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    Instant Replay

    Just saw this ghost story section. My partner in crime posted this true story from his college years to our site ( for Halloween: So about 20 years ago back in school I went downtown with a couple of friends on Halloween, we were kicking around town including cruising...
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    New site

    Hey, thanks for taking a look and the kind words, Tyder. Best, Bobby
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    New site

    Hi, I'm a fan of the show, just found this forum, and just wanted to let everyone know I've been working on a new site with a paranormal/dystopian theme: It's a shameless plug I know. Please check it out. I look forward to participating on this forum. Best, Bobby
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    Fake or Fact: Cattle Mutilations

    It's interesting in this recent case that the farmer said it's been happening repeatedly and not just a one time deal. Is that common? It always seemed to me these things would happen once or twice on a given farm. And more importantly does this farm (I believe it's in Georgia) fit into the...