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Paranormal Novice
Just saw this ghost story section. My partner in crime posted this true story from his college years to our site (www.dystopiantimes.com) for Halloween:

So about 20 years ago back in school I went downtown with a couple of friends on Halloween, we were kicking around town including cruising through a little boutique looking for costumes. On the way in one of my friends had been telling us a really twisted story about slaves and whippings in old New Orleans and we’d finally told him to shut up.

While in this little store our friend sees some books on the shelves and grabs one fairly randomly and opens it up to a section on slaves being whipped in old New Orleans, the coincidence was really creepy and out of nowhere I found myself saying, “don’t wake me up.” That was equally as bizarre and we blew it off and moved on to another store where we found costumes.

As we were driving around to get lunch and head back to my apartment my other friend began to tell us about how he worked for the Edgar Cayce Foundation back in Virginia. One of the things they regularly did was to go to cemeteries and turn tape recorders on until the tapes ran through. What the foundation was attempting to record were Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVPs. When doing recordings in cemeteries and haunted places at times inaudible sounds occur on the tapes that are interpreted as voices, some of these are really eerie when they seem to answer questions people have asked out loud. Well on one of these occasions my friend and his buddies were setting up for the EVP recording session when my friend heard a sound. He walked over toward the sound and saw a girl and a guy arguing, the girl sitting on a crypt stone. Suddenly, the guy reached out and slapped the girl and walked away and she sat there weeping on the stone. My friend then walked over to see if she was ok when the girl suddenly vanished. We laughed about the story and then got back to my place. Later that night we went out to a mildly amusing party that lasted too long and decided with a couple of girls we knew to go back to my place and have some pizza and beer.

We got back to my place and put the pizzas in the oven and opened the beers, we started talking and someone turned on the TV, it was about 2:30 in the morning. No one was paying much attention at first and then slowly one by one people started focusing on the TV, there was a young girl sitting on a stone crying and a young man walked up to her to see if she was ok, and she vanished. The scene ended with the camera panning back which made us all aware that the stone had been a cemetery crypt. At that moment my friend who’d told us the story earlier grabbed the remote and shut off the television. He was white as a ghost and obviously shaken up.

The girls wanted to know what was going on and we relayed the story I’ve just told and they laughed it off, even as one of the girls was checking the TV Guide only to show no listing for that time or channel. The pizzas were ready shortly after and very quietly we ate and everyone went home. The next day I called the television station and they assured me, they were off the air at 2AM. They might not have believed the story initially, but two of the girls called the station as well, one getting furious and screaming at the station manager that it was not a funny joke. To this day bringing up this story has a visible effect on my friend and if he’s reading this now, sorry buddy.

A Halloween Tale | www.dystopiantimes.com


Curious Cat
Who goes 'cruising through a little boutique?!'

It's a good story in the Urban Folklore tradition and totally thwarted in the 'shiver factor' (imo) by that early mention of a 'little boutique.' :D