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    Something is Mimicking My voice and my brothers

    I've always want to know if anyone has ever had this happen to them before. So back in collage my brother and I used to live at my grandmothers house because it was near our collages. So one day my computer was messing up so I yelled from the other room to my brothers room. I said Hey can you...
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    10 QUESTIONS for "experiencers"

    1. Are you Male or Female? Female 2. What's your Age? 26 3. What is your educational background? Artist/ 3D Artist 4. Are you a creative type? Yes 5. Do you have any history of depression? Yes, it runs in our family 6. Have you ever felt inexplicability "compelled" to examine, pursue...
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    Weird Experience with beings in the living room

    This brings back memories for me. Our whole family is surrounded by weirdness. Ghosts to Aliens you name it. I gotten used to it. But when I was young my mother kept me away from those ideas, not until I was way older did my mom tell me about her experiences. So I know I didn't dream it or...
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    California Gets Hit With Massive UFO Sighting

    Thats near my house. What was I doing that night? I think I was watching some anime lol dang, I missed it. :(
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    A Ghost who scratches people?

    Yeah, it is weird to me too, that things unseen can do physical damage to a person. I am still baffled about that. So its ok if not everyone believes this but, it’s good to talk about it anyway. I haven’t seen the spirit, or felt it in a while, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a...
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    Shadow People

    I saw a shadow person last night in my house sitting on the stairs; I tend to see them a lot for no reason. It's weird they seem to by spying on me. They give me the creeps. I don’t know what they are but they seem to show up when I’m having a hard time with life, or when I have problems. I feel...
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    I beat Them!

    I am very interested, what did you do to keep them away from you and your family. I would love to know more about what happend to you during those times too as well.
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    A Ghost who scratches people?

    Hey, this is Nani I am new to the forums. Here is something that recently happened to me this mouth. I don’t like talking about incidents; to much but this last mouth I encountered a weird event in my boyfriend’s apartment. I have been there many times, which leads me to believe that the entity...
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    Who says young people aren't interested??!!

    Hello, I am new to the forums. My interest in UFO's and the Paranormal started at around 5. I have known forever about the subjects as a kid growing up. I am now 24. My family has had some weird encounters as I was growing up. My mother is abductee and has told me stories of it when I was...