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Something is Mimicking My voice and my brothers


Paranormal Novice
I've always want to know if anyone has ever had this happen to them before. So back in collage my brother and I used to live at my grandmothers house because it was near our collages. So one day my computer was messing up so I yelled from the other room to my brothers room. I said Hey can you help me fix this computer. So he replied saying what's wrong with it. I said I think I got a virus or something it won't work it's super slow. So he said did you defrag the machine I was like that the heck is that. I was young and didn't know what that was. So I yelled back how do I do that so he was telling how to do it when he just stopped. I said ok what's next, I said again what's next? So I got angry I had to do homework so I stormed into his room and he wasn't there. So I went looking all over the whole house yelling for him. I was stuck and couldn't get past the next step. So I just grabbed my phone and called him and yelled hey where are you what's the next step. He said over the phone what are you talking about I haven't been home in hours. Turns out he was at the skate park for at lest 3 hours......... That was nuts because what ever that was mimicked his voice perfect and almost fixed my computer. Another time that same entity did it again. So my brother was home upstairs in his room when he heard the front door open close and I yelled sushi where are you. I always called for my cat when I got home from collage. So he went down stairs saying hey lets get food and no answer. He went though the whole house saying hey lets get food man. So he got angry and called me and said hey where are you lets get some food. I was like I'm in class ......... So what ever this entity is or what or its some kind of time warp I have no idea. It's just weird. Has anyone had anything happen like this before.
Doppelganger? I don't think I've heard of doppelganger cases where the double actually spoke, though.

-- squirrel
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