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Weird Experience with beings in the living room


Paranormal Novice
This brings back memories for me. Our whole family is surrounded by weirdness. Ghosts to Aliens you name it. I gotten used to it. But when I was young my mother kept me away from those ideas, not until I was way older did my mom tell me about her experiences. So I know I didn't dream it or anything. When I was young, I believe I was in second grad or first grade. It was Thanksgiving night, Me and my family were spending the night at my grand mothers house so we an celebrate thanksgiving the next day. Let me tell you this did not happen in a rural area this happened in Orange county, CA in the city. When I woke up for no reason, I was upstairs when I noticed that the lights where on down stairs, it was late like 2 or 3 in the morning. I walked down stairs to see beings talking to my mom, like she knew them. I was really scared at first but, I was over come with a sense of knowing too, like I have seen them before. It was a weird feeling. They were my hight or maybe a little taller then me just a bit, but I really remember the eye's huge dark eye's. I don't remember them being Grey but, they could have been the lighting in the room was orange colored down stairs. That was the weird part, all the lights where on down stairs and they were moving around like they owned the place, almost like normal. It was weird trust me. I don't remember what my mom was talking to them about, but it was important, she was talking normal and they were like talking without there mouths moving. like though the mind. but I sat on the couch and was just aw struck at this event. one sat on the couch and was talking to me, I was scared at the same time not scared. it was like I knew him, I say him because it felt like a him to me. He told me they were going away. I started to cry, I remember I didn't want them to go away. I just remember saying over and over again not to go. I don't remember much after that or how I got back into bed, but the next day I told my mom I saw you talking to strange people last night, and she didn't even remember doing it. Everyone just laughed at me. I felt bad the rest of the day. The weird part is my mom didn't tell me she saw aliens not in till I was like in middle school. Thats one of my memories of them. I didn't get the feeling they were bad it felt strange like family or someone you know for a long time. I know I'm weird but thats just the feeling I got from it. Thanks for listening please feel free to tell your story's if you have any weird ones growing up.