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    Top 3 Influential UFO movies

    Love your comment! They showed us this in elementary school in the 70s and I had a similar experience! As a kid, I was blown away by this movie and I have many fond and nostalgic memories of this! I wasn't aware they re-mastered this. I haven't seen the original in decades, so I am seriously...
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    Ancient Hieroglyphic Script Found On Mars!!

    People have trouble believing Stan Romanek's accounts, and are supposed to believe Toblerone the chocolate is somehow involved in a conspiracy about the aligning of Pyramids?
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    Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

    What would motivate one to make claims, videos and audio of alleged alien contact over the past 17 years. That would have to be a highly dedicated individual. It's nuts either way, truth or hoax.
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    Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

    I find it peculiar that a guy with so much accumulated documentation of events, would suddenly be under investigation for child porn. I'm not sure what to make of his accounts, but if you want to ruin someone's reputation, then framing him for child porn would certainly do it. It just seems...
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    Why are there so many consistent descriptions of the Greys?

    I have been an off and on UFO enthusiast since the 80s. For me it was the Roswell incident which triggered the initial interest. One thing I've noticed over the years is that there have been many frequent alleged reports of alien encounters, and the description of the beings are almost always...
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    List of Technical Papers Related to UFOs and Electro Magnetism

    You are quite the researcher in your own rright Drobnjak! Very impressed by your in depth summarization of so many different resources and people. I didn't realize just how much incredible information is out there and from so many years ago too.
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    The New MJ-12 Documents on Roswell and Other UFO Cases

    I downloaded the pdf and read through some of it. Quite fascinating, whether authentic or not. However I found the text a little hard to read in places. It also looks like an unusual font used, which doesn't look like official gov typewriter text style. Does anyone have a link to any...
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    Question about Roswell/Brazel/Marcel

    It was definitely flying saucer in the newspaper article.
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    Question about Roswell/Brazel/Marcel

    Good point boomerang. It's either that, or back in those years this was such an astonishing first time event that there were no protocols established around issuing such press releases about 'flying saucers'. Assuming this to be the case, perhaps Blanchard thought he was doing a public service...
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    Question about Roswell/Brazel/Marcel

    This is the part which gets me too. That action alone, and subsequent back peddling that it was a weather balloon, suggests to me that it really was something remarkable. Sent from my Z30 using Tapatalk
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    Attention PC Users: Time to Get Over It!

    Neither does your opening statement about using a Mac to get real work done.