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    Expert input statement : A Christmas present for the UFO community (1 of 3)

    As the first of three presents for the UFO community this Christmas, I would like to share the expert input statement below and the list of endorsements of it. The following individuals kindly agreed to my requests to endorse this statement : Dr Kit Green (formerly of the CIA), Dr Hal...
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    Gene Steinberg's Caveat Emptor

    Will do Gene. I'll get back to you once the scanning is done, hopefully next week (or possibly the week after).
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    Gene Steinberg's Caveat Emptor

    I'm now almost ready to submit a batch of material for scanning next week - which I do every 6 months or so. I could include "Caveat Emptor" in this batch. I think I can get all, or all but one, of the issues done. Just let know. :)
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    Gene Steinberg's Caveat Emptor

    If you are okay for me to arrange for them to be made freely available online, you don't need to find your own copies - I just need your permission. I can sort out scanning of almost all issues by - probably - the AFU in Sweden (as long as you are happy that the AFU makes them freely available...
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    Gene Steinberg's Caveat Emptor

    Just to let you know Gene, as part of my tying up loose ends, I remain willing to sort out getting "Caveat Emptor" scanned and made freely available online as searchable PDFs. It is, of course. up to you and Geneva.
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    From The NY Times: The Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

    I posted 12 days ago that the New York Times was working on an article about a US government study of UFOs. That article is now online. Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program Luis Elizondo and others associated with Tom DeLonge get mentioned, but not Tom...
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    Scanned UFO newspaper clipping archive - Progress Report

    Further to my post a month or so ago on the exciting topic of file name formats for newspaper clippings (yawn..., I know...), I have recently been working with Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren at the AFU in Sweden on the next (more concrete) steps - including: (a) combining a few collections of...
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    Tom Delonge live on Joe Rogan Podcast now

    For anyone that hasn't seen to the end of the relevant video of this interview: At 1 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds, Delonge was asked where the Greys (which DeLonge said are androids) come from and Delgonge said he has "never asked" but “I do know that there’s connections to - man you wouldn’t even...
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    Scanned UFO newspaper clippings - file name format

    Yes, there will be quite a few 1947 clippings. :) I'm currently trying to sort out the addition of at least part of the largest such collection that I'm aware of, compiled by a Italian colleague. (His collection contains over 18,000 of cuttings from 1947 alone). I'm not aware of any such...
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    Scanned UFO newspaper clippings - file name format

    As a bit of light planning for one aspect of Project Phoenix (a week long experiment in collaboration in ufology which I'm still aiming to do in November/December this year to tie up some loose ends, as I mentioned a few months ago), I've now started to combine some large collections of UFO...
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    Scathing new review of the current state of ufology by veteran Spanish ufologist

    A new scathing review of the current state of ufology by veteran Spanish ufologist Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is at link below: UFO FOTOCAT BLOG: 2017/06/09 (For anyone not familiar with his name, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is a Spanish researcher with over 30 years of experience in this...
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    New PDFs : "Saucer Scoop" (Whritenour, Steiger et al), "Ovni", "Houston Sky", SPI, + more

    Thanks for the kind words. I'd like to stress that all of the boring work of scanning the material was done by others (particularly our friends at the AFU in Sweden). I've just helped give that scanning a nudge. I've obtained permission to upload a number of other UFO newsletters/magazines...
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    New PDFs : "Saucer Scoop" (Whritenour, Steiger et al), "Ovni", "Houston Sky", SPI, + more

    During the last few weeks, I have been continuing to make requests to various researchers for permission to scan newsletters that they used to edit and seeking to get those newsletters scanned. The generally positive responses have continued. Fortunately, my cooperation with the AFU in Sweden...
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    Gene Duplantier’s UFO newsletters (1957-2006!) + “Irish UFO News” + “The Spaceviewer” - PDFs

    I have had a run of good luck recently with requests for permission to upload material. Yet again, most of the scans have been done by our friends at the AFU in Sweden – with various (sometimes considerable) gaps filled by veteran American ufologist Barry Greenwood. Further credits for the...
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    MIBs, Albert Bender and Gray Barker - Newsletters from the 1950s (PDFs)

    Albert K Bender and Gray Barker are well known to those interested in the history of tales of the “Men In Black”. Albert Bender was the founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (“IFSB”). The IFSB was one of the first major UFO groups. The article on Wikipedia about Albert Bender says...