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    About Jim Moseley!

    Although I never met him, I believe Jim's work changed my life for the better. "Shockingly..." taught me how to approach the paranormal in a healthy way. Wherever you are, I hope they have a typewriter for you....
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    Philip J. Imbrogno withdrawing from paranormal research!

    I am more than a little startled by this turn of events. To me, Phil always sounds (sounded) too certain about his claims and explanations...that always made me uneasy. Although I have had to deal with posers in other venues, I certainly never saw this coming...
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    Iridium Flares or UFOs?

    May I make a suggestion? Describe in as much detail as possible what you saw, then we can research what is known about satellite flares and try and determine if they could have been a factor in your experience.
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    Just thought I'd share this...

    What did he think it was? A nuke going off? Jesus returning?
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    Psychic Pets

    Heh, heh, well for what it's worth I can assure you cats have an equivalent time sense: when it's time to eat, time to sleep, time for a treat, and time for any other household routine that interests them. The "sensing my wife is approaching the house"-thingy, there is nothing remotely routine...
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    Psychic Pets

    My cats seem to know when my wife is approaching the house, even if she has been gone all day. A few minutes before she gets here, they get agitated and start looking out of the windows. They (especially the older cat) are startlingly accurate. When our older cat died (over a decade ago), I...
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    Sacramento, CA

    Wow. I think we can rule out known natural phenomena and typical aircraft lighting configurations. Heh heh. Perhaps enough film was recorded that a groundspeed and altitude can be determined.
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    Audible "ghost" voice on Ghost Hunters

    It is a curious phenomena, regardless of its nature (paranormal or otherwise). Sometimes seeming to be intelligent, sometimes just nonsense. My opinion is that there is enough there to justify further research; I have a hunch that traditional views of EVPs as voices of dead people might not...
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    140 Years of UFO Pictures (some rare gems too)

    I'm not sure, but I think Adamski's "scout ships" looked like that. Someone here will know for sure. It just tickled my funny bone somehow, especially the thing about finding it in the attic or cellar or whatever it was. Good stuff. :D
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    140 Years of UFO Pictures (some rare gems too)

    Here's my favorite from Part 1!!! Clear unmistakable photo documenting alien visitation Mystery solved.
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    Your favorite UFO case(s) - and why?

    Watch the Nellis film and the radar ranging information at the bottom of the video and ask yourself: does the range information seem to reflect what the unknown object is actually doing? If we determine that the radar ranging information is not actually tracking the object, then the anomalous...
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    Phillip Corso and Bill Birnes

    I think I love you. Do you have a criminal record?
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    Phillip Corso and Bill Birnes

    Well, let me think about this. Is the 97th percentile higher from a civilian perspective than a military perspective? Or vice versa? Nope, it seems high to both. We can't say Corso had no "moxy" because he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel instead of a full Colonel and that something held his...
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    Phillip Corso and Bill Birnes

    To convince us that the Roswell event was ET, and some of our technology was ET-inspired. In the press room down the hall, however, another officer is telling us that Roswell was Mogul. You might be right (I don't know), but it sure doesn't make sense to me. Well, in the modern U.S. Army...
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    Phillip Corso and Bill Birnes

    Heh heh, yeah, well I think Gareth is talking about a secret "manned" space program. The unmanned intelligence gathering and "Star Wars"-ish program is well known. A few years ago, one of the aviation magazines ran a story sourced from off-the-record Pentagon sources that discussed a secret...