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    9/11 Truth Conference on CSPAN

    That is what I figured, it's all good we all have the right to our own opinions. IMO the same sarcastic "real balanced and thoughtful" comment could be made about the government's "official" investigation into the events of 9/11...
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    John Titor

    Agree that reading the material provided on the website is somewhat like reading a sci-fi novel. IMO the most interesting "prediction" he makes concerns the US enduring another civil war. This country is pretty split right now, and as the government continues to turn it more and more into a...
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    Bohemian Grove

    understood! ;D
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    Video - Prophet Yahweh summons UFO

    I know this is old news but I thought I would post it on these boards for those who may have missed it. Also curious to know what other's opinions are... Pix & video available here: 'Prophet' summons UFO for camera Las Vegas TV station captures, broadcasts image
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    Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd., LLC

    definitely looks suspicious, I wouldn't get too close or spend too much time looking into this...
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    9/11 Truth Conference on CSPAN

    You can view the entire program online, go to the CSPAN front page and it is under their audio/video recent programs.
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    9/11 Truth Conference on CSPAN

    Was this an honest comment or was it intended to be sarcastic? Hard to tell sometimes as you cannot detect the tone of someone's typed remark...
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    John Titor

    Here is another "story" that I don't necessarily subscribe to, however I find the information very interesting/entertaining and think it would make for a good show. John Titor - Time Traveler
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    Underground Bases

    Would be very interested to hear you all do a program on supposed underground bases, specifically information regarding Dulce. Here is some brief background info: Dulce Base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    9/11 Truth Conference on CSPAN

    CSPAN will be broadcasting a 9/11 Truth Conference Tuesday August 1st at 5:10pm (Central). You can also view it in the archived video section on the front page, it is titled "Theories about 9-11 (American Perspectives)". | National Politics | History | Nonfiction Books
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    Barton Mansion

    Don't know if I believe it is authentic or not, but it is entertaining to read about. Thanks for sharing...
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    Bohemian Grove

    He is human and has faults just like every one of us. However from my experience he is genuinely concerned about the issues he addresses and is very passionate, which some people misinterpret as a sign of him being "crazed". Just as with the Paracast, the bottom line is that it is not about the...
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    JFK Conspiracy

    Here is an interesting speech from JFK that ran across that addresses secret societies and freedom of the press, thought it was eerily timely considering current headlines:
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    Bohemian Grove

    Here are some links to more info on the Bohemian Grove which was mentioned during the March 21st broadcast: THE SECRETS OF BOHEMIAN GROVE BOHEMIAN GROVE EXPOSED!