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Video - Prophet Yahweh summons UFO


Paranormal Novice
I know this is old news but I thought I would post it on these boards for those who may have missed it. Also curious to know what other's opinions are...


'Prophet' summons UFO for camera
Las Vegas TV station captures, broadcasts image

Posted: May 29, 2005

An ABC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas broadcast images of a UFO summoned by a self-styled "prophet" who predicts many more will be seen throughout the area next week.

Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh" agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a location of their choice and time.

What they witnessed, and captured on camera, stunned the reporter and crew.

Watkins claims to have seen some 1,500 UFOs over the last 25 years and has learned to summon them by reading the Old Testament.

Pix & video available here:

'Prophet' summons UFO for camera Las Vegas TV station captures, broadcasts image


He has got alot movies on googlevideo too (just search on Yahweh), he's up there now building a "studio" on his roof to air his broadcasts live on the web via his website. at first I thought another nutcase but.... well after a while you realize he's got the most amazing stuf to date! just think of it.... he asks and they come, great stuff! so subscribe to his group an stay up to date an what he's up to it might be very intersting ;D

But as always, look and judge for yourself!

sidenote: these orbs are also reported to have dismanteled a nuke in mid-air... so inteligent indeed in my opinion. 8)


Paranormal Novice
his stuff is as fake as he is... i have pictures of him playing with weather balloons..

he couldnt summon a big mac at the drive up.



if thats your explanation to debunk him well I'm not impressed at all...

in-fact it's a stupid remark for jesse marcel sr. also 'played' with weather balloons in photo's and if you make a point like that i suggest a link to back it up...

besides those where not weather balloons and the abc reporter was there with him... they picked the time and place, no way he could send up a weather balloon to do the things shown so your remarks are rather insulting too for you haven't even seen the video obviously.


Paranormal Novice
lets see...friend in hood...has balloon...eye balls the prophet or gets pager signal...releases balloon...yahoo goes in too the prayen mode for a ufo...

walla look up its a ufo.. ;D ;D ;D

its so easy its scary.. ;)

a bit about the great seerer..,

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heres his balloon training camp in the 90's ;D ;D ;D

he never summons UFOS WHEN IT IS CLOUDY OR WINDY..hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOW why is that...
Because he will loose his balloon as the wind carries it out of camera range before it is high enough to look good on a camera shot..

yahoo is a con man....period..

it dont take a rocket scientist to see that one coming..

i have seen all the videos and read all of his racist yahoo group emails as i been a memeber of his site for over a year.,.

im trying to become a black isrealite so i can go the meetings..

yes they pick the time and place..SO THEY CAN SET UP THE STING... ;D ;D

Let me set up the place...then see if he can find one..



Quick summary of things that come to mind when thinking about Yahweh.

He's been busted with weather balloons. Pics on the net.

His hyped up claims never came true. He fell quite after the date came where there was supposed to be this major ufo sighting event. It didn't occur.

There's a hilarious yahoo personals profile/ad of him. Wish I still had a link to it.

He got creamed in all debates I heard him in.

He has some really horrible racist beliefs and thinks he is going to rule the world kinda thing.


Ah, I missed it. That's great! I figured many wouldn't know about it. Sorry I didn't see the "Yahoo" in your url. He still looking for a lady eh? :D