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    Time Traveller Caught on 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film?

    I agree, silent movies didn't have sound, other than the musical background. BUT: If you needed a hearing aid, you wouldn't give a damm whether the movie was silent or not, you would be very concerned about being on your own, unable to hear what is going on around you, unable to determine...
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    Time Traveller Caught on 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film?

    I have no problem with it being a hearing aid, based on the link to the audiphone pics at the hearing aid museum. People with hearing aids talk to themselves a lot. Hubby checks the volume on his by talking to himself. Why can't she be doing the same, especially since it looks like she is...
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    Time Traveller Caught on 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film?

    exceedingly odd, as who could she/he be talking to on a cell phone when there were no cell towers or satellites in 1928? Someone at the digitizing studio had a sense of humour? but the shadows are very well done, and the figure fits in nicely with the background/foreground, doesn't it? so...
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    Username secrets revealed!

    Part of my name and it sounds nicer than the whole shebang.
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    Burning Books

    what if he had a book burning and nobody came? no tv, papers, radio or bloggers. funny we can have laws against hate crimes and that isn't covered, somehow...
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    People at Glenn Beck's Rally

    Yes, they did. and if they ever evolve into functional, thinking humans, they will cringe inside their skins at the memory. Sheeple, however, follow the mood, the mob, whatever is presented to them that resonates in some small way inside them and gives them the illusion they are the ones...
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    People at Glenn Beck's Rally

    or maybe they interviewed thousands to get those ten? think of it from the other side; what if the majority of them are average john and jane does...and fed that rhetoric until they begin to believe that everybody thinks that way, so therefore, they must also believe that way? more evidence for...
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    Cool photo from the Moon

    Would be nice to get back to the moon and do more exploring, but who can afford it? the US is trillions of dollars in debt, England is facing bankruptcy, and the countries that are in reasonable shape, won't be, if they start diverting their funds towards the moon. An economic guru states the...
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    Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked

    I would have paid money to see that. there is no way an astronaut could be considered a coward.
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    I would say not attacked, rather, engaged in discussion. You can accept different opinions and give as good, or better, than you get. ;) You have a point there, and yes, we should be responsible for what we choose to believe. That still leaves the issue of whether or not to call bs when...
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    Not having read the originating post that led to the banning, I don't know what was said or implied. Given that, cottonzway, I disagree with the idea the ignore button will solve an issue of untruth or exaggeration. If someone is deliberately distorting/misquoting or outright lying, then...
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    CattleMutilations and Necrotizing fasciitis

    And so are kids who grew up not knowing what beef tasted like until they moved to town. That has nothing to do with what is, and is not, appropriate for children to see. One has to do with putting food on the table, the other does not. Ya, life sucks, yadayada, nature ain't pretty, ad...
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    CattleMutilations and Necrotizing fasciitis

    I will go on record as disagreeing with that statement, pixelsmith; it is my opinion these sorts of images do require a link and a warning. As for the connection, yes, they do look similar in some ways, however, there is surgical paint along the edges of the one patient's face where it appears...
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    Frank Frazetta passes on ...

    Frank and Boris, two of the best cover artists that ever graced fantasy/adventure or scifi mags and paperbacks. I would rather have one of their originals than a Picasso.
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    Photopiers and privacy - CBS News link

    Another reason never to sit on the copier, don't you think?