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Your Paracast Newsletter — September 1, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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September 1, 2019


Religious Scholar David Halperin Speaks of UFOs as Manifestations of Our Collective Unconscious on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: How does a teenage UFO investigator from the ’60s mature into a professor of religious studies specializing in the traditions of heavenly ascent? You’ll find out as Gene and Randall present David Halperin. According to David, the UFO phenomenon is about us–our hopes, our longings, our terrors. Some of it is emerging … With messages for us? Perhaps, if we just need to learn to decode them. David taught Jewish history in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from 1976 through 2000. His perspective on UFOs is that like religion, they are a human construct that has nothing to do with space travel or life on other planets. According to David, they are alien, but instead of coming from space, they come from within our own minds, our own souls, where there’s enough alienness to fill a universe. During this episode, David will offer insights into both sightings and abductions, including former Beatle John Lennon’s sighting of a UFO over New York City in 1974.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

William Puckett's Blog: UFO Reporting Center, Latest UFO Sightings & News.

David Halperin's Blog:
After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers September 1: Gene and Randall spend extra time with Special Correspondent William Puckett to cover five UFO cases in which photos were taken. One of the photos even depicts what appears to be two beings in connection with a sighting. All of the photos and other material presented by William are featured in The Paracast forums. Our intrepid trio also discuss theories, voiced by UFO research and religious scholar David Halperin on the September 1, 2019 episode of The Paracast, that UFOs and abductions are manifestations of our collective unconscious. William and Gene remember pioneer UFO author and investigator Major Donald E. Keyhoe, whose theories that UFOs are spaceships and the secret must be disclosed by the U.S. government, first voiced in the 1950s, heavily influenced Ufology in the 21st century.

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Approaching the Fifth Anniversary of The Paracast+
By Gene Steinberg

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I realize many of you aren’t happy with all the ads we run on the show, and you’ve learned to fast forward through them. So in 2014, with a little help from my friends, I offered a proposal to the management at the Genesis Communications Network to create a version of The Paracast free of network ads to paid subscribers.

They said yes and thus The Paracast+ was born. On October 26, 2014 we posted the very first ad-free version that featured UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan. A few weeks later, we debuted a companion show, After The Paracast.

At first After The Paracast mainly consisted of color commentary, usually extended discussions of that week’s episode of The Paracast. Over time, our premium podcast also included extended interviews. Sometimes they were continuations — or part two — of the main episode featuring the same guests. A good sample is our 10th anniversary episode, where there was just too much to talk about on the regular show.

At other times, After The Paracast has featured exclusive interviews. So Nick Pope, who became famous as the former head of the UFO desk at the UK Ministry of Defence, revealed his interest in conspiracy theories. On April 14, 2017, we presented Monte Shriver, a retired college professor and accountant, who was a resident of Aztec, NM at the time of the alleged crash of a UFO in 1948. Not to be a spoiler and all, but I think most of you know that he, and the former classmates he met at a reunion more than five decades later, had no memories of any such episode.

This year, we added a weekly segment featuring Special Correspondent William Puckett, a retired meteorologist, who has investigated UFO for both NARCAP and MUFON. On each episode, William delivers news of recent or newly-discovered UFO sightings. He also posts regular updates, including photos and illustrations, in our forums. Please visit UFOs Northwest — UFO Sightings Updates for more information about the cases he discusses on After The Paracast.

From time to time, we offer other content from other sources. J. Randall Murphy, cohost of The Paracast, has even posted some of his music, and we’d like you to listen to these tunes. This guy has lots of talent.

There will be more new features going forward.

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